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Photo courtesy of 661

When freeriding was still coming into its own, Kyle Strait was one of the true stand outs and has been an ambassador for the sport ever since. SixSixOne, one of the first companies to produce protection you could actually pedal in, snagged Kyle as a sponsored athlete around the early 2000’s. In no time, the iconic “Kyle Strait” knee pads were born and set the standard for many years.

While Kyle was visiting the offices in San Clemente, California recently, SixSixOne sat down with him to talk about his return, and while they were at it, captured some action of him shredding like only Kyle can. Check it out!

In addition to riding for SixSixOne, Kyle will work directly with product managers on full-face helmets and pads. He will also be sporting 661’s parent company, ONE Industries‘ gear.

From SixSixOne:

Kyle Strait Interview 2

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