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KindHuman has been putting their bikes on the map the last couple of years and announced they are putting together a Continental Pro Team for the 2017 season led by seasoned pro Adam Myerson. We knew it wouldn’t be long before they started stacking the roster with talent, and due to the little teaser they gave us at Cross Nats, we are less than surprised that they also have a new road bike in the pipeline.

Check out why nabbing Starla Teddergreen was a key move for KindHuman, and the details on their new versatile Kampionne aero-road bike…

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KindHuman’s procedure of putting partnerships over sponsorships  is a unique approach that they hope creates a more in-depth relationship between rider and company. KindHuman’s new shining star… well, Starla is pretty excited to be named the first pro chosen to fly the KindHuman colors. With a proven record and most recently racing for Team Vanderkitten & Fearless Femme, Teddergreen will be roosting dirt in cross and mountain bike races in 2017. Though representing Kindhuman on the bike, Starla also has some pretty deep talent in graphic design. She will get to showcase her talents as a graphic designer with some limited edition “Starla Designs” projects that combine Starla’s creative expertise with KindHuman’s high-performance products. Even more fitting is that one of the companies she has helped to re-brand is Play Hard Give Back. Similar to KindHuman’s motivation to give back, they use the influence of athletes to help those in need.

Starla had this to say:

“Being able to inspire and encourage others to live healthy, active lives and to fuel someone’s passion for cycling is what inspires me to keep going and building a strong, positive cycling community. I am honored to be part of the KindHuman family, to share my story on and off the bike, with hopes to inspire others”.

“I am really looking forward to the design collaboration opportunities ahead! It’s going to be an awesome experience, and for the first time, fans will have access to not only the bikes I ride but bikes I design with the KindHuman team!”


The Kampionne road bike has been KindHuman’s best selling model so when you go to do a redesign, you don’t take it lightly. The ultimate goal is to make it go faster, but rather than just take a bunch of lab results, they wanted to apply as many “real-world” benefits to the bike to give it more realistic capabilities.


Working with manufacturers, composite specialists and Formula One engineers, KindHuman’s new Kampionne was designed with a Kamm-foil downtube that tapers from an abbreviated airfoil shape to a wider Kamm-tail contour to provide more torsional stiffness under load. With speed in mind, a razor thin chainstay was considered, but the frame’s compliance under harsh road conditions was a concern so bullet seatstays were chosen to improve ride quality with a minimal effect on aerodynamics. The Kampionne’s wide bracing fork should add to the bike’s handling while providing better aero-ness.


Constructed using Torayca T800 and T700 carbon fiber, the Kampionne is a five-piece monocoque assembly using a balanced tubeset to improve ride quality and an asymmetric rear end for increased stiffness. The frame come in at 950g and has clearance for most 28mm tires.

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KH_Kampionne_Tech1_1_ zb5uf

The Kampionne’s headtube is designed be better fitted to riders with a spacer system that gives you negative rise of sorts. The frame will work with any cable or electronic shifting systems.


• Unidirectional, Torayca T800 ultra-high modulus and T700 high modulus carbon fiber, monocoque assembly
• KammFoil aero tube shapes for increased aerodynamics
• Wide Bracing Fork design increases handling precision while simultaneously increasing aerodynamics
• Bullet Stay seat stays increase vertical compliance while improving aerodynamics
• Asymetrical rear design for efficient power transfer and ride quality
• AeroFit integrated head tube design offers three stock head tube shapes to fit a wide range of fits
• Tapered head-tube features 1.5” bottom bearing for handling precision
• Internally routed for Di2, EPS or mechanical shift and brake cables
• Race-oriented and time-proven sloping geometry
• BB86 bottom bracket
• Fits most brand’s 28c tire size
• 950-grams


  1. @monkeycyclist First of all, are you really a monkey? If so, that’s cool. I’ve never met a monkey before! Second, we will have a thru-axle KÜDÜ Disc for 2016. We actually have a couple prototypes being tested under Cycle-Smart athletes as I type. We will be working with Shimano’s E-Thru system on that and a new drop bar design that will allow 40c tires. I hope to have our first rideable prototype this spring. Keep an eye out.

    • Positive news! Like Mr. Monkey, I too am on the lookout for some MTB and CX frames with more modern features/geo. I’ve kept an eye on you guys since you signed Myerson, I love how you operate as a brand and would totally own a KH frame if the features line up with what I want.

      • Thanks @Ck! We love hearing positive vibes from riders like you! I’d be happy to chat with you more about the KÜDÜ and take feedback for our in progress mountain bike development. Regarding the KÜDÜ, I believe the new thru axles will really beef up the bike and really allow the discs to shine. We get a lot of feedback from riders who own the KÜDÜ and what they love most is that it has a fairly traditional geometry (tall bottom bracket, big triangles, no pedal slap and easier suitcasing/shouldering). ‘Cross riders are diverse man and one of the things that I love about the sport is it’s diversity. People have tire preferences, pressure preferences, brake preferences, compact vs. traditional geos, etc. – I think ‘cross is certainly one genre in the bicycle world that allows options. I think we will see a day when riders (especially professionals as we’re already beginning to see it) who use different brake setups for different courses and conditions. We firmly believe in the canti brake as it’s great for a lot of different riding styles and regions. That doesn’t mean we can’t embrace technological advancements. Our motto when it comes to ‘cross is “Why Change When You Can Choose.” I think that’s been a big differentiator for us. We aren’t here to dictate what you should ride and to this day we still sell more canti bikes than we do disc. Shoot me an email sometime or give me a call on the company line, press one for Adam, I’d love to hear what you’re looking for and talk tech with you.

  2. Also, @monkeycyclist we are a couple years out on development of new 29er hardtail and full suspension projects, that said, they will be thru-axle. Also, we hope to delve into disc road. Maybe next year. We are still a very small company and the quantities/costs to open up a disc road mold are too high for us right now. That’s why we focused on a traditional rim model. Truth is, customers are interested in disc road but our core customers still want rim brakes at the moment. Again, we will have a road/off-road/adventure/big tire model very soon. It will be discs and it will be thru-axle. It will also be awesome.

  3. Just found my next road bike. They look bad arse, but honestly I will just be buying one because they will be designed by Starla.

  4. Thanks for all of the stoke. And @Jon and @Dusty, the “KH” logo on the downtube is something new. We will have the full wordmark on other iterations in the future. A lot of our customers and fans innately refer to us as “KH” so this was a nod to them.

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