Vincent Hermance

There is no better way to see another culture than by bike, though I am pretty sure UCI World Champion Trials rider Vincent Hermance and I don’t do it quite the same. Check out the  challenging yet beautiful backdrops Vincent gracefully conquers along with a stop at the #hashtagg factory where his trials bikes are made…. to weld his own bike?

An OCD Production by Léo de La Châtaigneraie


  1. will on

    Good to see some “traditional” trials riding! Must be kind of weird for Vincent Hermance to be promoting a bike, when his family used to run a trials bike brand of their own (KOXX). Then again, KOXX were probably made in the same factory…

  2. Veganpotter on

    I’m amazed that the best rider on earth is riding aluminium. Obviously it works but carbon would be lighter and stronger. But more surprising is that companies don’t force top riders onto them so they can actually sell a few. Obviously trials bikes aren’t sold in mass but there’s enough of a market for a selection of carbon bikes

    • Dinger on

      Trials bikes take the kinds of hits that would destroy a carbon frame (rock edges to downtube?). To make a carbon layup withstand that would sacrifice all of it’s advantages. Aluminum is light, strong and cheap. Designs can be changed without scrapping $100k’s of carbon molds. I can see why there’s no carbon trials frames.

  3. will on

    There have been a few carbon trials bikes over the years (usually home made), and Monty makes a full carbon mod trials bike (20″ wheels). In general though, trials bikes take a lot of hits, particularly the bottom of the downtube. enough to dent the shit out of steel and aluminum downtubes. But on the other hand, the market for trials bikes is really quite small. Also, the weights on top end trials bikes like his are well under 20 pounds, I’d bet maybe 18 pounds for that one. I don’t think you would do much better with carbon.
    Carbon Monty:

  4. Antoine on

    Such a nice vid. You could see people were genuinely happy to meet their champ and he enoyed his trip too. Thing come and go one must live the present time;


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