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Drop bar fans rejoice! If you (like me) prefer drops on any road’ish going bike, including your commuting, touring and gravel sleds, you now have a couple more options. Gevenalle’s new UX and GX shifters let you run Shimano’s simple enclosed Alfine 8-speed hubs or their robust 11-speed Dyna-Sys mountain bike gears with road handlebars.

Check out the new clickers from Gevenalle below, and don’t be concerned with what cabled brakes you run…

Gevenalle GX-Camo side Gevenalle GX- brake points

As have most others who’ve checked them out, we’ve been impressed with Gevenalle’s approach to dependable inexpensive brake-lever mounted shifting. Though not what you’d see attached to any pro-tour’esq bikes, they’ve become popular on the cross, gravel and touring/bikepacking scene for their bullet-proof simplicity. Even if your rear derailleur gets jacked, you’re able to switch to the old-school saving grace of friction shifting.

In addition to their 10 speed GX shifters, Gevenalle’s new 11-speed GX Shifters now let you run drops with Shimano’s newest drivetrains. The GX1 shifter ($169.00), is a single chainring setup that will only work with short pull brakes (road calipers, cantilevers or even mini-v’s). Thanks to their adjustable brake cable pull mounts (Left pic), the GX2 version ($219.00), will work with any type of cable pull brake. The GX2 is also made to work with 2X & 3X chainring configurations, but if you’re running 1X up front, you can simply remove the front shifter for a cleaner look.

Gevenalle UX1-Ti-Cycles Gevenalle UX1

Shimano’s internally geared Alfine hubs have become a popular workhorse hub for commuters and now drop bar fans can get in on the action. Like the GX variants above, the Gevenalle’s UX1 ($169), is for 1X drivetrains on bikes with short pull brakes, and the UX2 ($229), gives you the option to run any cable actuated brake and 1X, 2X or 3X up front.


  1. @Avi – Sussex Versa shifters have been available for a few years, run a set on my commuter. More neatly integrated than these, but they do have a couple of downsides. The lever push is quite large, and the downshift ratchet occasionally likes to dump you into first gear in one go…

  2. I am I correct to be paranoid about friction shifting with high tolerance (8, 11 speed) internally geared hubs? This seems like a great way to screw up an expensive hub. I really hope that I am wrong because this is a setup I would love to run.

  3. @Matty and Maxx: I’ll pass on the crappy microshift-esque shifters, thanks. I’ve used Gevenalle’s stuff before and I already a big fan.

    @Wrathrick: the ux1 is an indexed shifter.

  4. I’ve been using a Versa 8 for years, but now I have a new Vaya Travel with downtube shifters. I’ve got pretty used to them and want to put the alfine on the Vaya, but no downtube shifters are available.
    These look like they could be modified to fit!

  5. @Avi
    Sounds like an opinion from someone who never used them. There’s nothing “monumentally crappy” with Microshift integrated shifters.

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