2016-03-04 P1100375

DVO has been bouncing off the success of their plush high performing Diamond & Emerald forks and finally have some working prototypes of their anticipated Sapphire trail fork. They’re also offering Boost to keep up with the joneses and it looks like the Topaz rear air shock will be shipping soon…

2016-03-04 P1100376

I’ve been putting a DVO Diamond through the paces and based on what I’ve experienced and what other’s have said, I can imagine the new Sapphire trail fork will be no slouch. Sporting 32mm stanchions, the new Sapphire can be setup to have 100 to 140 mm of travel and should weigh around 1900 grams. The fork will be available in 27.5 & 29er sizes but will only be available with Boost axle spacing. Available mid-Summer the price has yet to be determined, but we suspect it will fall a bit below the Diamond’s price.

2016-03-04 P1100377

Also coming in mid-Summer, the Diamond fork will also be available in Boost since that is the way things seem to be going. The Diamond will still be available in both Boost and standard for those without Boosted hubs.

DVO topaz air shock (15)

We saw the Topaz at last year’s Taipe show & mounted to some bikes at Interbike, and now they look like they will be shipping soon since they had some nice packaging and a DVO labeled shock pump all ready to go.



  1. required on

    The problem is these dont get a lot of real tests … basically if its not fox/roxshock and you dont have the luxury of testing them yourself, youll never get em

    • Veganpotter on

      You can say the same thing (to a lesser degree) about Magura, Manitou and DT Swiss etc…but people still buy them. Personally, I want this because it’s green:). That said, it’s pretty chunky for the likely $1000 pricetag when you can get a SRAM fork for hundreds less in terms of cost and grams

  2. Bonk Bike on

    I’ve tried their fork and coil shock a month ago… I was pretty impressed. Ronnie was on hand and explained how to tune it for where we were riding. Good product and good guys. However that JP guy needs to quit wearing all that tight 80’s neon roadie lycra when riding offroad.

  3. Jeff on

    Believe or not, some of us do wear lycra off road( I sometimes where baggies though). Face it, no matter what we wear on the bike, we don’t look cool, baggies, lycra or otherwise.
    As for DVO, they’re a great company, Bryson, JP, Ronnie and all the others are great people, behind a great product line.


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