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Finding a shoe that fits can be cyclists’ worst nightmare. No foot is alike, nor are most shoe brands, and even models of shoes within said brand. Lintaman has what they think is a solution for all, no matter what the shape of your foot is.

Check out the unique system they came up with and a video on how it works…

Lintaman Shoe

First, lets take a look at the shoe they debuted a last year’s Taipei Show. The $280 Lintaman Pro with carbon sole (Comp with nylon sole runs $160), looks like your ordinary everyday high-end carbon shoe, but with an anti-slip heel liner and unique top shell & lacing system using Atop tensioners. What makes their shoes different is that the toe box’s length & width is adjusted independently from the rest of the shoe and you can “lace” the shoes in several ways to best fit the width and shape of your foot.

Lintaman_Adjust_Relacing_Options W M N

The three basic configurations above show how the shoe can be configured using a combination of the Atop cable and/or an elastic band. Essentially what this does is place the cable exactly where you need things to be “pulled” in at. The side and outer front corner of the shoe have independent “wings” made of TPU, (thermoplastic polyurethane) that are attached with a flexible mesh that can be adjusted to your foot’s width and let you fine tune the length. The shoes don’t come in half-sizes because the adjustment will easily make up for that half size.


There are several configurations you can set the lacing system up in to best fit the dimensions of your foot. An elastic band comes with the shoe so it can provide elasticity rather than a “fixed”width to the shoe whereas the parts controlled by the cable would have more of a “fixed” position.

Lintaman P1100272Lintaman P1100274

Taking things up a notch fitwise, the Lintaman Pro Plus ($350), adds an adjustable heal cup. Using a third Atop rotary tensioner on the back of the shoe in addition to the standard two on top, the heal cup can be tightened or loosened.

Lintaman P1100269 Lintaman P1100271

Shown in the pictures above, let out (right), the shoe is easy to get into, and when tightened up, the heal cup is brought in to tighten the shoe. The heal cup isn’t pulled straight forward, but rather in a downward forward direction to better keep the heel in place rather than just smash it into the toebox.

I tried the shoe on, and the fit was pretty good! It did seem to have a slight amount of slip until I really cranked it down to where it did then smash my toe into the toebox, BUT I tried on a 45 which is one size too small so that likely contributed to it.

Lintaman P1100276 Lintaman P1100278

Another feature they’re playing with is making the shoe available with a Speedplay specific sole. They had one on had that was made for founder Chris Lintaman. A Speedplay fan himself, he stated: “If you’re going to own a shoe company, you should at the very least make what you want.” They also offer mountain bike versions of the Lintaman Pro.

Check out the video below for a close up of how the Lintaman shoes work, and let us know your thoughts…


  1. Robert on

    Maybe because my road shoes have become too big (lost weight!, boo-yeah!), I find this approach interesting. Infinitely adjustable and I can use my orthodics instead of not being able to jam them into some skinny road shoe.
    I guess, what’s not to like here? Buying your shoes only once isn’t bad either. Great job, guys…

  2. Bill on

    In a world of stiffer, lighter, more heel retention and different fluo colors every year, this looks actually innovative. As someone with rather poorly shaped feet, I hope to see these in person to give them a try on.

  3. 56625899844 on

    I’m definitely interested in these since i have oddly shaped feet. Still have not found a shoe that fits right off the shelf.

  4. Doug Perry on

    I’ve owned Bont shoes with Atop closures … if you are in the USA, it’s almost impossible to get spare parts for Atop!!! Why didn’t they work with Boa??? I’d steer clear of these unless the spare part problem for Atop has been resolved with a ready supply here in the USA. Atop is made in Japan.

  5. Andrew on

    Impressive….as someone with hard-to-fit feet (one bigger than size 13, one size 12.5) this would be a great idea…I would just want to try them on first and hear how the company was in terms of support if durability became an issue.

  6. Allan on

    OK, now I’m interested. I don’t think my feet are odd sized or shaped (except one is about a half size smaller), but I still think a more custom fit would benefit me. Definitely going to give these a look.

  7. Allan on

    I went and checked out the website and their social media sites, and there is very little information on availability. Their “shop” says “coming soon” and they haven’t posted to Facebook since June 2015. Does anyone at Bikerumor have any further info on the release date of these shoes? The Lintaman Pro was debuted at some show last year, and still no update from them since. Makes me wonder.

  8. Markus on

    Cool!! Really cool! I have two different and odd shaped feet. Finding proper shoes are a nightmare, especially over here in Europe. Spesh for example won’t sell wide sized models over here, only the S-Works. More than $ 400 for a shoe????? I guess there is a market for everything.

    However, while I’m really intrigued, where do I get these? Seriously, often I wonder why companies do not want to sell their products. Especially with shoes. Bont, Lake try to get these over here. Frustrating. These Lintman look even harder to get.

    Nice idea but what’s the point if you can’t buy them.

  9. Akrupper on

    Very interested. Two different sized feet, and as I have gotten older my feet have flattened, making my Sidi ergo 2s uncomfortable. This looks like a great option. Availability?

  10. Nicolas on

    I was able to buy direct from Lintaman’s site. The email communication is slow, but the owner, Chris (Lintaman), will answer. I’m very satisfied with the service he’s provided and the shoes are great! BTW, these shoes were shipped to me from Taiwan.


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