sigma clip on rear brake light computers

Whether you’re following a bicycle in a car, or riding in a group, sometimes it would be nice to have a little heads up that the rider in front is slowing down. Brake lights are standard equipment on cars and motorcycles for a reason, so bicycles can’t be too far behind, right? We’ve seen a few bicycle brake lights before – many of them include a sensor at the lever and a wire that leads to the rear light. Others use wireless or Bluetooth connectivity mated with GPS data to calculate when you are slowing down to trip the light.

Others are quite a bit more simple. Lights like Sigma’s new Brakelight. Instead of a complicated system of wires or connectivity, the Brakelight simply clips onto your brake cable to give those behind you a heads up…

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Shown on a linear pull rim brake, the Brakelight also works on standard road calipers by mounting it vertically under the housing stop. The simple design clamps to the brake cable with a 2.5mm allen screw and uses a spring loaded finger which pushes against the brake caliper to activate the light. Weighing just 6g including the CR1025 battery, the Brakelight should be good for 200 hours, or about 100,000 brake cycles. The waterproof light will be available in 5 colors.

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Also new on the lighting side from Sigma is the Nugget Flash. The compact flasher is USB rechargeable for a 3-8 hour burn time depending on mode which are preset as standard, high power, and high power flashing. The light includes an adjustable bracket with a flex strap mount as well as a clip for mounting to bags and weighs in at 24g.

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Sigma also had a few new computers on display that are geared towards the entry level, or those looking for more style and even kids’ bikes with MySpeedy. The colorful computers use an analog coded wireless transmitter and will display basic functions including speed, trip, time, and total distance. The Pure 1 and Pure 1 ATS (wireless) are a bit more advanced, but still should fall into the affordable realm of the spectrum. Prices and availability TBA.


  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually sold one of these brake lights an entire year ago. It’s not new. Although I may have been hallucinating completely

  2. The brake light is brilliant. Simple and would add to an existing rear very well. A remote switch to a beefier rechargeable rear light (a la wrapping a cable around the brake like the old computers – not wireless!) that made a rear light brighter when braking would also be a fantastic idea.

  3. I love the Pure 1, but it does not show the time of day! To me this is the most critical bit of information for me while I’m out on a ride. Add that and I’m sold.

  4. Yes Veganpotter… They have been out since July I think, and – all of these products that BR is showing as ‘new’ from TPE16 were all at Interbike 2015. Good work!

  5. Wouldn’t a brake light on a bike get ‘lost’ with an already flashing rear light ? (I know in some countries it’s illegal to have a rear light flashing) I’m not sure motorist will even know that that’s what it is. Not being negative, maybe someone can tell me if i’m missing something.

  6. I grabbed one of these a month or so ago. Simple and works really well. Several of us have been riding in the evening and this little thing is great. Super bright too. As for new I think not.

  7. Too little too late for a company who has clearly fallen on hard times. Their GPS unit was outdated before it even hit the market. If their hope is to be resurrected with a $10 brake light and kids bike computers the future is dim.

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