Wahoo ELMNT gps cycling computer displays Di2 and eTAP gear selection and muscle oxygenation data

The Wahoo ELEMNT just started shipping this week, but already they’ve added a new trick to its bag. Or, tricks (plural) to be more precise. The device will now hear from your Shimano Di2 or SRAM eTAP group and display gear selection on the screen. You’ll need Shimano’s D-Fly wireless transmitter for it to work with that group, but SRAM’s eTAP group should work with it right out of the box.

And with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart and WiFi, it should talk to just about anything else you’ve got, too. That includes the newest of performance biometric measuring devices capturing Blood Oxygenation. Also known as SmO2, there’s also a spot for showing tHb (total hemoglobin). Thus far, that means devices from BSXinsight and Moxy Monitor, but others are out there or coming. That metric shows how quickly your muscles are recovering from an effort and when they’re fully gassed up for the next interval. Hit the links for a more detailed explanation. Retail is $329.99 for the ELEMNT computer.

There’s also a slick new RPM Speed sensor and more…


Wahoo’s RPM Cadence sensor now comes in a smaller, sleeker and all-black package, and the price has dropped to $39.99. If your phone or a Polar head unit is the hub of your cycling intelligence, this Bluetooth accessory is all you need to get pedaling cadence. But, it also sends info in ANT+, sharing that same info with any modern cycling computer.


Completing the picture is the new RPM Speed sensor, which attaches to your front wheel’s hub and calculates your bike’s speed based on its RsPM. Why would you need this when your phone can figure speed through GPS? One, it could save your phone’s battery life. Two, it’s more accurate, particularly if there’s a lot of tree cover or tall buildings on your route. It also broadcasts in BT and ANT+ and retails for $39.99. Or get the bundle with both Speed and Cadence sensors for $69.99.



    • I agree. I’ve been continually disappointed and frustrated with issues from several Garmins of mine (Edge 500, 510, 810, Touring Plus) but unfortunately there simply hasn’t been a viable alternative to them. As soon as my shop can get an ELEMNT, I’m buying one to try out. If it works, I’m selling my stock of Garmins and investing heavily in Wahoo.

  1. Someone want to explain how this little device is able to get blood oxygen and total hemoglobin levels from your blood when its not actually testing your blood? The idea of actually believing those numbers and using them as a training tool is just asinine…..

    • Rephrase: The idea of actually believing those numbers, which will come from a third-party device, and using them as a training tool is just asinine…..

  2. @That One Guy… not only do you need to read…you need to comprehend…The Elemnt is a head unit which can display data from other devices such as BSXinsights & Moxy Monitor. This is allowing for new metrics to be displayed, not all devices allow for these currently. Whether these new metrics are accurate or reliable (at this time) is another discussion.

    • It’s funny all of the Garmin haters here. I’ve been on Wahoo for 2 years and just switched to the Garmin 520 due to numerous software bugs and dead batteries in the RFLKT+. I guess objectively, each has problems and it’s really a matter of finding the platform that has the least amount of problems in the key areas you need to function. 520, for $320 with a year of Strava premium and 3 months of Zwift, made the Garmin much more attractive from a pricing standpoint.

  3. I agree with David in that I’ve had issues with Garmin 520 and don’t want to connect to my phone. I’d like to keep that well protected as a lifeline. As an alternative I picked up the Lezyne Super GPS and have been happy with the simplicity and connectivity. Doesn’t have all the complicated features but does power and heart rate which is fine for me. Also I prefer the clean Lezyne look and the locking mount is way more secure.

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