Through this summer, you can upgrade your older Fox FLOAT 34 or TALAS 34 suspension forks to their latest air spring for just $99 plus shipping. After August 31, 2016, the price jumps to $139.00 plus $40 installation fee (plus shipping, too).

That means you can get the full air system without a coil negative spring that was introduced with the 2014 Fox 36 platform, which we reviewed here. It’s lighter, quieter and uses air for both the positive and negative chambers. The system self balances between the two, and you can adjust the tune with blue volume spacers. The design also allows for internal travel adjustments in 10mm increments.

The 34 FLOAT Air Spring Upgrade Kits are available for FLOAT and TALAS 26″/27.5″ forks at 140mm, 150mm, and 160mm of travel and for FLOAT and TALAS 29″ forks at 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, and 150mm. Full details and order form over at


  1. Second paragraph nailed it. Thanks for the accurate and detailed reporting.

    Very much like the latest gen 36, but unlike the latest gen 34, which is more like the Pike’s solo air (lighter/simpler).

  2. @Bob – The Fox 32 CTD, Sram XX1 11 speed bike I built my girlfriend last year will be laughed out of races this year, apparently.

  3. Just installed this on an old 34. Much lighter and way cleaner in construction. Super smooth too. Since the negative spring is now air and pressurized off the positive spring pressure you set, it’s a huge improvement for lighter and heavier riders. Heavy guys aren’t going to pogo and light women won’t be stuck with half travel because the

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