What started out as Lovebaum last year, Philosophy Cycles is the 2.0 collaboration between Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann. Perhaps using the original brand as a proving grounds, their new bikes look amazing, with paint to match.

Above is the gravel road bike built for Bicycle Crumbs and gets a completely custom seatmast topper to set the saddle back, beautiful painted graphics and some restraint by not choosing red or pink I9 spokes for the wheels. Check out this and lots more below…



Paint matched Silca frame pump is just icing on the cake. Hits of blue on the headset, hubs and a couple spokes don’t match the red, pink and cream, but somehow work brilliantly.


This steel road race bike is a mix of True Temper OX Platinum, VHT and Columbus Life tubing with ENVE fork and cockpit. It’s made for long, multi day races to be both quick and comfortable.


This singlespeed drop bar bike was built for quick trips around town.


It’s a mix of True Temper and Columbus tubing with Paul’s direct mount Racer brakes.


The customer gave them free reign with the paint inside simple parameters of “red and black”, so they went with this subtle fade from gloss to matte.



What started out as the Delta 7 in 2008 became the Kovit IsoTruss in 2012, and now it’s Razik. They acquired the IsoTruss technology and applied carbon nanotubes to it and their own layup for the joints. It looks the same as ever, and they’re offering two models.


The Vortex is their road bike and comes in seven stock sizes. Frame and fork are $4,799, and complete bikes are also available.


The mountain bike is the Epitome and can be had as a 27.5 or 29er thanks to interchangeable dropouts. Frame is $4,599.



Connor continues to refine his wooden bicycle craft, and had added standalone wood-and-carbon fiber handlebars to his mix. The Cruiser is based on his cyclocross bike but with a simple singlespeed set up and his own flat bar (shown in detail below).


If there was any doubt the “plus” bike movement had taken over NAHBS, this should remove it. Connor’s wood 27.5+ is based on his 29er and uses white ash and black walnut.




His handlebar is constructed from seven layers of walnut and four of carbon fiber.



  1. Kent on

    That “subtle fade” looks terrible and isn’t subtle at all. Every other part of the bike looks glossy, it looks like a screw up in paint.


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