It’s always exciting when a steel brand pushes the limits performance in their medium, which is why we were stoked when we got a sneak peak of The Fulton at Interbike this past September. Taking a queue from the razor industry, the engineers at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. pushed the limits of tradition and tube set design by developing the world’s first five-top tube bicycle frame. More on this after the jump.


From Ryan Zagata, President of Brooklyn Bicycle Co., “The double top tube on the Driggs & Calyer has always been tremendously popular with our customers. The more we pondered, it became apparent that we needed more top tubes and from an engineering and aesthetic perspective, five became the magic number.”

“We were both thrilled and proud to learn that nobody had previously accomplished such a feat.”

There is no comment at this time regarding the specific development steps required to produce the Fulton, but what is clear is that this model and approach to frame building is so far ahead of what’s been established that it could be years before industry is able to catch up.

For more information on the Fulton, be sure to follow Brooklyn Bicycle Co.


    • Dave on

      I realize it’s April 1st but someone somewhere will really think this is a good idea and one like it will show up at next year’s NHBS.

  1. Ryan on

    For those who don’t know, it’s a modular frame approach. The idea is you start with one top tube as an infant, but still reak all the benefits of large wheels and a wide wheel base. As you grow you replace the head tube and add a new top tube, no need for a new frame! Around puberty it’s recommended to go for slightly longer crank arms, and a new saddle. For the adventurous college student there is also an add on for a tall bike. Don’t worry, all breaks can be removed.

  2. Andrew Reimann on

    I’d prefer at least nine top tubes so that I could play my bike with a spoon like old timey bands used to play washboards

  3. Dave on

    Those bottle bosses will be a bit problematic.

    That said, I’m going to hold off on purchasing until the milt-seat tube design is completed.

  4. Tom on

    It just needs a new set of top tubes that show in the mail in six months to be refreshed. Then next year, they can offer a model with one more top tube, so the old model is obsolete. Pure Gillette genius.

  5. Rider XYZ on

    The engineering reason for the extra top tubes is that they increase lateral stiffness while maintaining vertical compliance. The astute observer will note that the number of seat tubes has not been increased, which, were it done, would of course do the opposite – maintain lateral stiffness while decreasing vertical compliance

  6. shastatour on

    Rumor has that with the extra top tubes they will be able to thin the walls of the tubing or maybe use balsa wood. That way you get the stiffness and don’t have to end up with a heavy frame. There is a pretty neat frame bag already in the works for this – sort of top secret. you will have to use your imagination.


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