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Mountain biking has become one of the most complicated things to figure out, and not just for the ever changing standards. There are more types of mountain bikes than there are golf clubs and choosing which type(s) for the day can be stressful. Imagine trying to have to pick one golf club to use the entire day. Since most mortals are only entitled to one… maybe two bikes and racing isn’t a priority, trail bikes have become overwhelmingly popular.

One of the more welcome trends we’ve been seeing lately is more aggressive, more capable trail bikes popping up. Or are they really all-mountain/enduro bikes? Regardless, they’re centered on all day fun on what many would consider their goto “home trail”. YT Industries, a brand synonymous with aggressive bikes having made a strong mark at such events like the Redbull Rampage, has been teasing us regarding a love or hate for JEFFSY. Well, from the looks of it, this new bike could ruin as many lives as it saves…

photos c. of YT Ind.

YT Industries’ new JEFFSY is a 140mm travel trail bike with a super slack, almost downhill’ish geometry atop the larger 29 inch wagon wheels. So what does all of this mean? What it sounds like is a bike that can bomb some of the more aggressive trails with ease, but efficient enough so that you could ride all day. In other words, this bike may be the reason you see your friends and significant other less, which means some of those people will hate JEFFSY. But, for those of us willing to take the chance, this could be a bike that fulfills most of our needs. Or, at least, the ones that have to do with riding mountain bikes.

Jeffsy CF s

The YT JEFFSY comes in three carbon and aluminum build options:

The flagship $5,999 CF Pro (top), comes with goodies such as SRAM’s XO1 drivetrain, DT Swiss’ carbon XMC1200 Spline wheels, Fox Float 34 Factory fork & DPS Factory rear shock, Raceface Next SL cranks and Renthal carbon Fatbar.

The $4,599 CF Comp 1 (lower right), runs SRAM’s X1 with DT Swiss M1700 Spline wheels and a Rockshox Monarch RT3 shock & Pike RCT3 fork. Bottoming out (no pun intended) the carbon lineup is the $4,399 CF Comp 2 (right) which has a similar build to the Comp 1, but with Shimano XT and a couple other small changes.


Jeffsy AL s

The aluminum version has the same exact platform at a more wallet friendly price. The $3,499 JEFFSY AL Comp 1 (top) sports the SRAM GX drivetrain and DT Swiss M1900 Spline wheels while the $3,299 AL Comp 2 (left) runs Shimano XT. Thier “entry level” $2,699 JEFFSY AL (right) is still a great build for the price with Shimano SLX drivetrain. Complete specs for all shown below.

YT Thirstmaster 3000

One really cool tidbit that will make you love the JEFFSY even more is the Thirstmaster 3000. The carbon cage weighs only 33g and the system comes with two 0.5L (16.9oz) bottles. The cage is configured for right hand delivery and has features for cable routing and frame pump mounting.


Jeffsy Specs




  1. The price’s good, the geo’s good, the equipment’s great. If i was looking for a trailduroish 29er i’d go for this one right now. its basically 3000USD less than the competition if not 4000 for the most expensive model.
    heck im almost thinking of selling my brand new bike and get this.. and use the spare money for a trip somewhere.

    • after looking at the forums plagued with broken capra frames though, i’d have second thoughts on this lol. if the jeff is as “strong” as the capra, bad deal.
      ive never seen SO MANY completely destroyed carbon frames in a thread.

      • BlaBlaBla…
        Neither are forums plagued with this, nor are there huge numbers of broken frames and not a single completely broken one (that broke by itself and not because of abuse). And if you compare to other brands its not better or worse.
        But haters gonna hate.
        And if you are jealus, that you don’t own a bike like this, or if you simply don’t like it, you don’t need to tell everyone.
        And adding to this: no one forces you to buy it. But making something bad, just because of “reasons” that don’t exist reminds me a bit of… let’s call it stupidness, but normally I would use a word that ends in “..ceism”.

  2. Very interested in this bike. Contrary to other reader very happy it’s not just another 650b bike. The market is full of 650b in all flavors. 29er beyond XC are really not common. And i really prefer the 29er ride. I really feel it lose less speed in rough/rocky stuff.

  3. @Theendinfrench- really? Oh my gosh you can’t run a 35mm stem, on a bike designed for trail riding, and it has over 17″ chainstays! This thing is unrideable!!! 🙂

    Maybe they were trying to keep the wheelbase in check for an agile handling bike for actual trail riding, instead of enduroing.

  4. What’s so exciting about this? It’s trying to be a Hightower without the VPP suspension. It’s got nothing geometry or suspension wise on a Spesh E29. Am I missing something?

  5. YT is blitzing ever bike media outlet…all hailed as the greatest thing ever. Weird. I’m sure its a very good bike, but it reminds me of the reviews on Fox’s CTD ala 2012. Then no less than a year later…
    I suspect the media, like the auto press, is told “say good things, highlights these points, otherwise no press bikes for you in the future” A website/mag without new loaners is dead in the water.

    • its pretty much how it is. you’ll notice they dont give their opinion even on pinkbike (the only ones who actually had a ride on the bike!).

      Its super cheap specially in europe (5000USD for the Pro CF). Even for the components alone and tossing the frame is a great deal…
      – 1200 Spline wheels – ill take that over the best ENVE any day of the week
      – Next SL cranks – best cranks money can get
      – guide ultimate brakes – best brakes money can get
      – Good componentry
      – X01 setup – which is almost as light as XX1 and just as good (unlike others that will feed you with GX shifter and other stuff, YT didn’t cheap out)

      Heck with the money saved so you can swap an X01 or XX1 eagle when it comes out and still save money over a HT or similar bikes.

      As for the frame itself:
      The geo looks good and comparable to other recent 29ers. The chip puts it into “more DH like” or “truish enduro” which is nice when you wanna go to the bike park without killing the bike capabilities elsewhere (because really, who is going to swap between 27,5 and 29 wheels? You even have to swap the fork for this to work really well)
      The frame is narrower since its 29-only thus laterally stiffer or lighter for the same stiffness.

      All in all it seems like a great piece of bike at this price, and arguably, its hard to say if you can get a better bike if you had more money (at least until everyone tested the jeffsy out)

  6. I dont trust the company, their warranty is extremely vague. Their website states “All bikes sold in the USA and Canada will hold a Warranty and be serviceable from our headquarters in Reno, Nevada” never gives an actual warranty. So what is the actual warranty 1 year 2, seems a little shady with their wording.

  7. Yet another dialed in modern 29’er! I wish the industry had focused on this earlier rather than replacing 26″ wheels with 26.9″ wheels. With a 29’er you really get the benefits of bigger wheels, with 650b you get a lighter wallet and a garage full of outdated parts.

  8. I want the AL 1 ^^ won’t break… (Clydes & carbon shouldn’t mix)

    Lines of the bike look solid. 140 is more than most need.

    Beam me up Jeffsy (aka Scotty)

  9. all of this BS regarding geometry and spec… it means something to pro riders and amateurs who can ride amazingly, but really, for the average guy, we can never push a bike to its limits to notice the difference of how each bike handles / compares to another – weekend riders, buy a bike within your budget and the colour you like, you’ll be happy forever – all said, Im buying a Jeffsy, even if the name is a bit sh1t

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