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When Easton rolls out the E100 title, it looks like it will mean their best of the best. Rolled out with their new 1050g carbon tubular wheels, Easton claims the E100 name “represents the culminations of nearly 20 years of creating the highest quality carbon components on the market.” In this case, it means a new drop bar that drops the weight down to just 178g for a 42cm…

For Easton’s first volley into the battle of new product launches heading into Sea Otter, the E100 continues with their Maximum Contact Drop shape that is also found on their other road handlebars. Calling it the lightest bar Easton has ever created, they also point out that the handlebar goes through (and passes) the same fatigue and impact testing as the rest of the line to ensure the safety of ultra light parts like the E100.

Available only in 31.8mm clamp diameter, the bars will be sold in 40, 42, and 44mm sizes with an 80mm reach and 125mm drop. Built from matte UD carbon, the bar looks pretty stealthy with gloss black decals and hood positioning marks on the sides.



    • The E100 bar is available now and is currently in stock in both the Easton US and Canadian warehouses. E100 wheels…..I don’t have a witty comeback, but the EC90 SL wheelset is more aerodynamic, only slightly heavier at 1167 grams, and at a better price point that the E100 wheels. That’s why E100 wheel project in its current format has been put on hold, but lots of new wheel projects in the works.

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