We’ve just gotten word of a new boutique carbon bike builder sprouting in Barcelona. UNNO seems to be growing out of years of industry knowledge working for other big brands, and now the founders have decided to have a go at bike building themselves. From the looks of things Unno is being developed by the designers that came up with Mondraker’s most recent full suspension design, so they seem to be building on a solid design pedigree. They’ve even given us a rare inside look at the number of carbon pieces that make up the layup for their upcoming enduro bike.

With five new mountain bikes expected to debut this fall, they will certainly have something to interesting to offer. Join us after the break for a look inside the minds of the engineers behind Unno, including a video that tracks the birth of a bike from idea to trail. Plus, we have teaser images of the 5  mountain bikes on the way, with a few nice close-up detail shots. We’re excited to see what they have on the way…

Unno looks to be growing out of the Cero engineering and design studio that was behind the development of Mondraker’s Zero suspension design as well as their recent Podium, Dune, Foxy, and Summon carbon mountain bikes. For the last 4 years they have been developing some advanced mountain bike design like the Forward Geometry and the Zero Suspension System used by Mondraker.


All of their bikes are made entirely in carbon fiber, and are created by hand one at a time in Spain, so expect the premium pricing that reflects that. 5 carbon mountain bikes will will officially debut in the fall of 2016, and will be available in limited numbers.



Their new Unno brand has just started to leak out info this week on the bikes in the works. That means details are still scant but we can build on what we know. From the looks of it there will be a cross-country hardtail and a short-travel full suspension cross-country mountain bike, that both appear to use 29er wheels. The other three look like they go with 27.5″ wheels and include a downhill bike, a long-travel enduro bike, and a mid travel all-mountain trail bike. All 4 full suspension bikes look to use a variation of the dual link Zero suspension design.

UNNO_handmade-in-Spain_mountain-bike_Ever-DH-downhill-teaser_cockpit UNNO_handmade-in-Spain_mountain-bike_XC-FS-cross-country-full-suspension-teaser_upper-linkage UNNO_handmade-in-Spain_mountain-bike_enduro-teaser_upper-linkage

The DH bike, which appears to get the name Ever, includes a tidy TT-style internal cable routing port just behind the headtube. It sounds like the prototype of this DH bike was actually raced to a Master’s DH World Champs victory in Vallnord last fall by Cesar Rojo, the CEO and namesake of Cero.

The XC bike looks like it might use alloy links with the carbon front and rear triangle to drive the shock. And all of the full suspension bikes get a large reinforced seat tower design.

We’ll keep you updated when we know more…



  1. The economy of Spain is in a ‘Great Depression’….youth unemployment at >50%…but its good to see high-end, over-priced carbon bikes being produced there…..NOT!

    How people could have a society in complete decay and worry about their latest carbon-fiber bling toy is soooo beyond me!

    • I guess you could also see this as a way to improve the economy and create new jobs for the youth. Most people working tat Cero are relatively young.

    • So someone starting a business that builds its products locally in time of economic decline is somehow a bad thing? What on earth are you smoking? Business is business- the more people who buy these bikes the better it will be for the local economy. And that’s something that both communist and Austrian school economists would agree upon, which is exceedingly rare.

    • For sure I assume that you have never visited Spain and of course on the last 10 years. We’re not still riding horses for going to work, and rarely you’ll see someone doing a nap after lunch. Nowadays there’s a new generation of young people extremely talented, highly educated but with the shortcoming of living in a country governed by useless politicians under the dominance of the European Comision. We’re sorry to not to be as lucky as you.

      Oh, and remember that these people from Cero Design has been designing some of the most succesful bikes from Mondraker? Wow! And Mondraker also is a spanish brand!

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