About two years ago, Silca reincarnated the SuperPista Ultimate as an absolute premium floor pump with an absolute premium price of $445. Now, they’re following it up with a “standard” SuperPista that keeps many of the top shelf features while modifying the design a bit to almost cut the price in half.

The SuperPista keeps the centerless ground piston and Igus linear bearing, the same kind used in suspension forks. It also gets a wood handle…


Trading rosewood for kiln dried beech, the SuperPista uses a machined one piece wood handle without the cast metal center part.


The chuck is 100% machined alloy, including the pressure relief button, and uses a simple push-on, pull-off design.

Like the Ultimate, it uses a full-grain 3.5mm thick Italian leather plunger that provides more than 20x the seal surface area and 100x the life expectancy of common rubber O-ring seals. They say leather holds lubricants so it runs smoother.


The biggest difference it the base. It’s still wide and oversized, making it easy to stand on even in road cleats, but the gauge is nested inside it rather than floating, and the pump head clips in rather than being magnetically secured.


It uses a 75mm diameter (3″) gauge with high contrast printing and an optical grade anti-glare PMMA lens to make it legible no matter what angle the sun’s hitting it. They say the gauge is accurate within 2% and repeatable within 1%, making it more than 2.5x more accurate than traditional floor pump gauges. Add it all up and there’s not a single piece of plastic on the pump, which helps it live up to its lifetime warranty regardless of whether you’re using it in a shop, on a pro team truck or in your garage.

Retail price is $235, available now.


  1. 2 pumps in my garage right now, a Bontrager and a Specialized, both are marginal. The bonty has a Topeak hose/chuck on it now and at least works but I had to spend half again the price of a pump for the hose to save the pump. Both are off almost 10psi at road pressures so still end up using a digital gauge that cost over 30 bucks so a quality tool is worth it the first time? So many people today justify buying mass produced sh*t because of price then a few years later throw it in the landfill and buy another, shortsighted on multiple levels. Given a choice I would take this pump over the two I have now, pay the difference and expect a more precise, superior performing and lasting product.

  2. I’ve been waiting for Josh Poertner to offer something that real people would want to buy. I’m not sure that Super Pista qualifies, but it’s certainly a lot closer than the absurd Super Pista Ultimate.

    • Right? I have a $50 (retail) Joe blow that is probably ~8 years old now. Lubed o-rings twice, calibrated gauge at various pressures against a high quality gauge once (I admit it’s accuracy is not great but that is accounted for and it is still precise between several measurements), and it’s been flawless otherwise.

  3. Almost no none needs a pump to go to 160 psi. When he comes in under maybe $150 and offers a lower pressure gauge as standard, he’ll have my attention.

  4. As much as I’d like that chuck, it won’t work with the smooth sided Presta valves on my Vittoria latex inner tubes…

  5. Dear Silca:
    Please make a Super Pista Dirt that only goes up to 30-40 psi. Then shut up and take my money. What are you waiting for, seriously?
    Mountain Bikers, Cyclocrossers, and Fat Bikers

      • Not if you’re actually good at gauging pressure. On a mountain bike, trail condition and tire type dictate pressure anyway. Tons of people should be going to the trail and adding or removing air in small increments for ideal performance. This isn’t the case on a dry road where you know exactly where you’re riding but that’s it.

  6. I want a 30-40psi max gauge floor pump with pressure chamber. I know there are a couple fat/dirt pumps that have the 30’ish gauge and I know there are a few pumps with pressure chambers for seating troublesome tubeless tires, but I do not know of any pumps that combine these two features. When I find one, under $150, I will immediately purchase.

  7. Does this pump-head work with the silca valve extenders that come with, say, the new Zipp NSW wheels? The Silca pump-head I’ve got on my pump doesn’t work with customer’s nice valve extenders.

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