Flipping through catalogues of $8000+ bicycles can get annoying pretty quick for average people who live on a budget, but thankfully there are a few cycling companies who appreciate the concepts of value and affordability. Framed bicycles is one of those brands, providing everything from fat bikes to commuters to BMX’s at very competitive prices.

Framed is clearly shooting to have an option for every kind of cyclist, so it’s no surprise to see them catering to the 27.5+ market with their Marquette bikes. Recently Bikerumor checked out two carbon Marquettes, which sell for about $2000 and $2200 MSRP. The aluminum versions have now been released, and as expected they’ve cut those prices even lower to tempt you to ‘plus’ another bike into your quiver…

Framed Marquette 27.5+ aluminum, blue, side

The new aluminum Marquettes will be available as two models. The higher spec bike features a Sram GX 1×11 drivetrain with a RockShox Reba RL 120mm fork, Sram DB5 hydraulic disc brakes and 50mm rims rolling on sealed bearing hubs. All this comes at a pretty reasonable price tag of $1299.95 USD.

The lower-end model is equipped with Sram X-7 components and a Suntour Raidon 120mm fork (with lockout). It retains the DB5 hydraulic brakes from the top model, but drops a gear with its 1×10 drivetrain. The 50mm rims are the same but the hubs are not sealed, and as seen on both bikes a selection of house-brand components like stems, handlebars, tires, etc. keeps the price well within reason. The lower-spec model sells for $1099.95.

Framed Marquette 27.5+ aluminum, geo chart

*Images courtesy of Framed Bikes

The hydroformed Aluminum Marquette frames are available in 16”, 18” and 20” sizes. Geometry is shown in the above chart, and is exactly the same as the carbon models. The frames use tapered head tubes, 142x12mm rear axles, and include two water bottle mounts. While both bikes are set up with 1x drivetrains, the aluminum frames can accommodate a front derailleur.

Framed Marquette 27.5+ aluminum, red, side Framed Marquette 27.5+ aluminum, yellow, side

While these are the stock builds for the aluminum Marquettes, the option to customize components may be available in the future. Customers will have four frame colors to choose from- blue, red, yellow and white. The Framed website is currently undergoing updates to include details on the Marquettes, but the aluminum bikes are available now through Framed dealers or at


  1. Antipodean_eleven on

    Yea, great pricing indeed. @br, really? To me they are geometries that work and have been proven to for a loooong time, for everything which in turn make them a great all round bike.

  2. Tim on

    Good grief. If the bikes posted on BR are expensive, they’re a rip-off. If they’re budget-oriented, then they’re junk. Come on, looks to me like Framed is providing good value bikes for the money so more people can enjoy the sport. Kudos to them for that.

  3. i on

    71* head angle has to be a typo? Right? I find it hard to believe anyone who’s ridden a new bike in the last 20 years would be ok with a bike that steep.
    Also a reach dimension shown on the drawing, but listed as NA. Really? So they acknowledge the dimension is important but can’t be bothered to find it?

  4. That guy on

    1450$ usd for a Norco torrent 7.2, current geo and a reputable name…..why considering any of the bike above?

    • i on

      I’d guess because it’s just about impossible to buy a Norco in much of the US. The closest dealer to me, according to their dealer finder, is 200 miles away (and I live in a major city with a pretty big cycling community). Look at their map; unless you’re in California there probably isn’t a local dealer.
      So I call the one 200 miles away. No they don’t have a Torrent in my size. No they won’t get one based on a phone call; so it’s minimum 2 trips if I want to buy one.

      That’s one reason someone might consider something other than a Norco.

  5. Robbie on

    I believe the 71 deg head tube angle is incorrect. That’s a 68 angle with a 120mm fork if I’ve ever seen one.


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