Last year, SR Suntour unveiled the all-new R2C2 damping cartridge for the Durolux enduro mountain bike fork. The new cartridge put external high/low speed controls for both rebound and compression, and it improved upon an already good system by introducing a Piston Compensator System. The PCS added an IFP to separate the air from the oil in the damping cartridge with a piston backed by a light coil spring. That design, in lieu of a bladder based cartridge like Fox and Rockshox use, meant less stiction and user serviceability. The only limitations this fork had were that it was for 27.5″ wheels and 20mm thru axles only.

Then, earlier this year, they added the new damping tech to their RUX downhill fork, too. Now, in anticipation of their sponsored riders storming the Megavalanche, they’ve introduced a special edition of the Auron with a modified RC2 cartridge with PCS. So, you won’t get the high-speed rebound control, but you will get the refined damping that’s better able to take Megavalanche style abuse…and a fork compatible with standard 15mm thru axles and both 27.5″ and 29er wheels…


This Auron was developed for Remy Absalon to attempt a repeat after winning the 2015 race on a 29er with the standard Auron. By separating the air and oil inside the damper, there’s less chance of cavitation as things (and riders like Remy) get extra rowdy on a course that keeps the hits coming. That means the fork’s performance remains consistent from top to bottom.



The quick specs are:

  • Model: AURON Megavalanche
  • Cartridge: RC2 PCS, TA-RC2 PCS (27.5″)
  • PCS: Piston Compensator System for traction, control & consistency
  • Wheel: 27.5″, 29″
  • Travel:
    • 160mm (27.5″)
    • Travel Adjust 160-120mm (27.5″)
    • 150mm (29″) travel internally adjustable (130mm, 140mm)
  • Stanchion diameter: 34mm
  • Stanchion colour: Hard Anodized Gold
  • Colour: White, Black gloss, Black matt
  • Axle: QLoc2 Ti 15mm
  • Weight: starting from 1,896g
  • RRP: €679.00
  • Available: now

2017-SR-Suntour-Auron-Megavalanche-Edition-trail-mountain-bike-fork2 2017-SR-Suntour-Auron-Megavalanche-Edition-trail-mountain-bike-fork6

The new damper is popped into the current Auron chassis, so there’s no Boost version yet. We’re guessing that’s coming eventually. Anyone looking to buy this new version will need to head to the Megavalanche’s race website store to nab one, or hope to find it in select European retailers.



  1. Looks awesome! If I was in the market for a new fork this would be high on the list. Call my spoiled but I wish it had fancy colored stanctions. Brown, blue green purple or like an oil slick looking color scheme.. but the performance is top notch im sure

  2. “That design, in lieu of a bladder based cartridge like Fox and Rockshox use, meant less stiction and user serviceability.”

    Since when does adding an additional seal reduce stiction?

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