Last fall we tried out the Otto Tuning System, which pairs a clip on guide with a smartphone app to help you tune your rear derailleur for optimum shifting. Now, the entire app has been remade to offer more features and quicker, easier use. It also added the ability to check alignment and angles on most 1x and 2x mountain bikes, too, not just road.

Check the video and update list below…

New features in v2.0 include:

  • A new CHECK feature that provides a thorough assessment of your shifting and derailleur angles in approximately 30 seconds.
  • Compatibility with Shimano and SRAM 9-11 Speed components.
  • Now compatible with road bikes and nearly all 2X MTB drivetrains.
  • Redesigned user interface is more intuitive and easier to navigate.
  • Accurate to +/- .125 mm, less than a single barrel adjustment
  • Reduced time to “tune” your rear derailleur from Beta version 1.0.
  • Price point adjustments, reducing price from Beta version 1.0.

…and this video shows how to install the gauges:

The app is free, and it now lets you check derailleur alignment for free, but the tuning system equipment is $39 and full use of all of the app’s features require a weekly, monthly or annual subscription.


  1. Looks like a pretty interesting product. It’s too bad if you have a 9-speed drivetrain (commuter bike) in addition to 10/11 speed, that you need to buy 2 versions

  2. so it tells you if you hanger is bent or if you need to adjust your barrel adjuster, but nothing about limit screws? Or just take the time to learn how to adjust your derailleurs properly

  3. Setting that nonsense up is way more complicated than just adjusting your derailleur the old fashioned way. No thanks.

    • Buy yourself the Park DAG tool and never worry about a hangar out of alignment ever again. I’ve had mine well before the existence of any App Store or iPhone.

  4. “…but the tuning system equipment is $39 and full use of all of the app’s features require a weekly, monthly or annual subscription.”
    so, for the cost of 4 derailleur adjustments at a shop I can get something with very limited ability that then requires me to pay further subscription costs if i want to use it more? This is so dumb. How did this even get past the idea stage?!?

  5. What’s the use of accuracy that is beyond the capabilities of the adjustment barrels? Meh. I teach 10 highschool kids a year how to adjust a rear der with your eyes and ears.

  6. So what was wrong with adjusting your derailleur the old way? Too simple, or too cheap? Let me see if I’ve got this straight… A couple of “tools” that you don’t need, probably 3d printed for a cost of literally pennies, priced at $39, PLUS a subscription fee to fully use the “free” ap? I’m all for new, innovative ideas, but this is dumb. What’s next? A toothpick that you can control from your smartphone that sends you a text message when that sesame seed stuck between your front teeth is gone? Bring a sixpack of good beer to your LBS around closing time and you can learn how to do everything that tool and ap do in about 15 minutes without having to shell out $39 plus paying a subscription fee, and on top of that you get to drink a couple beers and make some friends. Smartphones are great, but you don’t need them to do EVERY task.

    • “3d printed for a cost of literally pennies”.
      It would cost more and will be suitable for prototyping.
      You have “forget” to taking account other cost.
      I understand you don’t need this tool and you will not buy it but why be dishonest ?

  7. If you know how to adjust a derailleur, you don’t need that, and if you don’t know how to adjust one, that won’t help.

  8. Just checked a brand new Shimano XT rear derailleur, and yep there’s more than 1/8 of mm of play in the upper jockey wheel. And I somehow doubt the stickers on those moulded plastic bits used for optical recognition are applied within 0.125 mm.

  9. My god yet another app to do the same thing you can learn how to do in a few minutes. Once you learn the process you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to remember it !!! Enough with these gimmicky products.

  10. I don’t recommended it. Using this product actually cost me money because I had to pay someone to fix the mistakes it made. It’s cheaper to either learn yourself, or pay a professional to do it.

  11. What’s not to love? You just clip those two plastic things to your rear derailleur and your phone makes the adjustment for you?! What’ll they think of next!?!?

  12. Yah, my smart phone to the rescue yet again….not!

    Really? I can just look at my derailleur for free and tell if it’s bent or not shifting right. Like said above, once learned you can do it to every bike you will ever own for free.

    If that’s beyond you, then so is using this app. Go to your LBS

  13. Must be hard to complete against free 5 minute YouTube videos with an expensive, subscription-plus, limited platform product.

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