Edco 3ax three axis floating road bike clipless pedals

After almost four years in development, the Edco 3ax pedals have made it through their Kickstarter campaign and through production. Edco showed a final version at NAHBS, along with new wheels, but they just announced that they’re shipping for $299 a pair.

The pedal body sits on two small “swings” that allow it to rock back and forth for 4º of lateral sway. That combines with 9º of cleat float to create a more natural foot motion. According to their third party testing, it resulted in “17% less lateral knee movement, up to 5.4% increase in rider efficiency, and more even foot pressure distribution.”

Edco 3ax three axis floating road bike clipless pedals

Click to enlarge and you’ll see the two metal bars that connect the pedal body to the axle, letting it swing in a small arc. Hit the two links above for more detailed shots from NAHBS and prior coverage, too.

Edco 3ax three axis floating road bike clipless pedals

Key specs include:

  • Aluminum body
  • Spindles made of proprietary alloy
  • 54mm spindle length
  • 12.5mm stack height
  • 390 grams per pair
  • Keo-compatible standard 3-bolt cleat mounting
  • Cleats and hardware are included
  • Adjustable release tension is adjustable
  • $299 USD / €299 EUR.



  1. Sounds like a good, durable design, and they have managed to keep the stack height low. And from Edco you know the quality will be excellent.

    • Speedplay offers less float adjustment than an SPD-SL. They offer independent float adjustment, which does not matter for most people, but the min/max how far I can adjust my toe outward is further on my Shimanos than on my Speedplays.

  2. The speedplay comments miss the point…I have speedplay, and 3ax. Speedplay do not rotate in the “3rd axis” If you have ever shimmed a cleat to adjust the fit laterally you get it. Except that the shim is still a fixed compromise. 3ax is dynamic. With all the other advances is cycling technology in the last 30 years, it is crazy that this hasn’t been done before. Unbelievable difference in ride. You don’t realize how much you have been unconsciously self correcting your pedal stroke to avoid pain until you don’t have to. The only caution is that you will have a very hard time going back to anything else once your feet figure out they are free. Seriously.

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