Following the original’s 7005 butted alloy frame, the State Bicycle Undefeated II ups the ante on spec to make it ready for the track or the street…and shaving almost three pounds off the complete bike weight.

The frame comes with an Essor carbon fork stuffed in its tapered headtube, which holds Essor USA Bolt 31 bolt-on track wheels. The rear gets a flip flop hub so you can run it fixed or freewheel, driven by SRAM Omnium cranks. Check the full specs and a side profile below…


  • 7005-Grade Double Butted Aluminium Frame
  • Full (Blades and Steerer Tube) Carbon Track Fork by Essor USA
  • SRAM Omnium w/ GXP bottom bracket
  • Essor USA Bolt Wheel Set (1736 g) – Flip / Flop Hub
  • Michelin Dynamic Sport tires
  • Ritchey Components High-end alloy seatpost & stem
  • 31.8mm Track Drop Handlebars
  • Complete bike weight 15lb 6oz (2lb 10oz lighter than original)
  • $979.99 (Complete) / $549.00 (Frameset)


  1. State has recently unveiled three new premium bikes that are either much improved over their predecessors (Contender, Undefeated) or brand new entirely (Retro series). If the other large direct-to-customer single-speed/fixie outfits (Pure, Fyxation, Retrospec, etc.) aren’t looking in their rear-view mirror, they should be. (Pure Fix recently released two new allegedly “premium” models (Grant, Jefferson) but these so-called new models are no more than existing models with new color scheme.)

    • I just got the Jefferson from Pure Cycles and it is definitely better and different than my original single-speed bike that I got from them a couple of years ago (which i loved and rode the crap out of). The new low profile wheels and chromoly frame make the bike so much lighter, and I am really enjoying being able to go faster and maneuver the bike easier than my previous model. For the price, I think that the premium model from Pure Cycles is the way to go. I love it.

  2. This looks much more of an updated design (for a fixed gear bike nonetheless). Finally the fixed gear companies are pulling out better, sleeker looking bikes with tapered headtubes, that don’t look like aero track bikes. I really like this frame. And not overpriced like a Cinelli.

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