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When you listen to the company’s history, it’s apparent that SQlab has always been ab out finding ergonomic solutions through science and experience. When it came time to create their latest saddle, SQlab teamed up with the University Hospital of Frankfurt and the Frankfort University of Applied Sciences and even had government funding from  the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy – not your typical saddle development program.

Together, the team ended up with the new Ergowave series. Between the 611 and the 612, the saddles dive deep into the SQlab bag of ergo tricks and promise comfort on both the road and mountain…

Magura short brake lever MT Series brakes two finger-5

One of the more apparent saddle features would have to be the raised tail section and dropped nose. SQlab claims this is to provide more rearward support and also is more energy efficient while the drop nose reduces pressure on the soft tissue region. Interestingly, due to UCI regulations, used as intended this saddle would actually be illegal as it has more than a 1cm drop from front to back. In that case you would have to mount it with the nose slightly up. Additional perineal relief comes in the form of a sizable dip in the center of the saddle .


Like many of their saddles, the Ergowave series is sold in different widths which are matched to the size of your sit bones. An SQlab dealer would measure you on the device then sell you the appropriate saddle similar to what a number of other companies are doing, but with four sizes.


The series will also include models with SQlab’s Active technology which builds in 7º of pelvic movement through the flex of the rails. This movement can be undamped, or you can add one of three adjustable bumpers in soft, medium, or hard durometers to restrict the movement.



Divided into the 611 and 612, the 611 is meant more for more aggressive mountain biking and has a softer padding, wider nose, and kevlar reinforcement at the back. The 612 is therefore more appropriate for road riding or XC racing but either could be used in either situation depending on the rider. Saddles will be offered with TiTube or Carbon rails with prices ranging from $139 to $229 in late July, early August.



    • The Ergowaves are a completely different shell design and shape than the 611 Race and designed for more dynamic riding than the current 611 Active MTB saddles. I personally liked the 611 MTB version a lot because of the wider nose and slightly softer padding. This was a super comfortable saddle for me but I’m looking forward to getting more time on it to see if I miss the longer nose of the 611 MTB.

  1. UCI rules have been significantly altered, quite a bit of saddle drop is now permitted. I’m guessing this is a sales gimick to say, our saddles are so comfortable, they aren’t even allowed to be used in the proper manner for the rules…

  2. The problem with SQLAb is their shells crack and they will not warranty them or even answer emails . These saddles can be very comfortable but in order to keep weight down and shell flex working well. Push the limit with their molding tech and can fail at very inopportune times. I have been through 2- 611 actives and out $300. I gave up and went back to WTB SST saddles. Old school , but the best and most durable for my needs.

    • Hi Chase – not sure who you contacted about a replacement for a broken shell but we cover that as a warranty unless you ran over it with your car or something. You can contact us at Radsport USA – or call 541-306-403

      Just wondering when this was and what country you’re in. If you are in the US or Canada then we would indeed handle that for you. If you are in another country then that countries distributor would be your contact. I could not find any contact from you in our system.

      We do really want to make things right, so please give me a shout so we can get you taken care of and at the very least you’ll have some backup saddles or a holiday present for friend!

      Best regards – Kenny

  3. Looking at buying a new saddle and I was seriously considering a 611 but after chase’s issue I guess Ill get another wtb. Can’t stand when a company won’t stand behind thier gear. I just had a relatively new hub hope blow up on me and those guys took care of me no questions asked!

  4. Unlike Chase, I have had very good experiences with my two SQLab 611 Active Race saddles. My first one still looks and performs like new despite being well into its second season riding the front range trails outside of Denver, CO, and I’m a big clydesdale. I just got back from using my second 611 A/R on this year’s Ride the Rockies tour and it also performed flawlessly, although the tour was a road ride and not as demanding on a saddle as is mountain bike riding. The saddles are extremely comfortable, they allow me to ground down into the saddle, which lifts my spine and head and allows my lungs to open fully. If I had to gripe about anything, it would be that the 611 A/R saddle is probably too grippy for regular road riding, probably better to go with the 612 which appear smoother. Also, I have tried emailing SQLab questions before and never gotten a response, so they could def’ly improve their customer relations. That said, the product is amazing, I am a complete fan.

  5. Various saddle sizes are a great feature, like shoe sizes. However, as a Body Geometry Fitter, I know once you change saddle (or brands), adjustments may have to be made to maintain proper knee angles because of how your pelvis is being supported.

    Same goes for cleats on shoes.

  6. I’ve had great customer service with the north American SQLab rep. The flex seats do break easy, but I always got them replaced for free. The non-active seats are as strong as any other seat and imo just as comfortable as the active.

  7. Smp Saddles. They over-last every other saddle. Everybody else is just trying to copy their approach. And enough of the German “tech research bla bla bla”

  8. Hey All,

    SQlab saddles are distributed and brand managed in the United States and Canada by Radsport USA. We handle sales, service and warranty for all SQlab saddles even if they were purchased by an LBS through one of our major US distributors and we do care about each and every customer!

    We always do our best to respond to service and warranty issues in a timely manner but occasionally things do fall through the cracks. Additionally, sometimes people send emails to SQlab in Germany which they try to re-direct to us but doesn’t always happen. I checked our email system for emails from Chase and Josh (at least searching those names) above and did not find emails from either (except a request for a free FitKit which was sent out) although it’s possible some wires crossed on our side at some point.

    There are several ways to contact us – via email at – via our websites contact form at and by phone at 541-306-4036. We have had some phone and voice mail outages with our carrier Bend Broadband over the spring – way to many in my opinion – so if this was the reason, while we’re sorry that it happened, there it was beyond our control. Additonally, sometimes people call and don’t leave a message which makes it hard to get back to someone! Once again, we do our absolute best to respond to everyone that contacts us for any reason. If anybody has an outstanding issue, PLEASE call or email me directly and I will make sure you are take care of!

    Many thanks!

    Kenny Roberts
    Radsport USA
    Office: 541-306-4036
    Mobile: 303-818-1328

    • Update- Kenny Roberts has responded very promptly and offered to replace my 2 seats. I have chosen to wit for new stock to arrive rather than get the Special edition color ways that are currently in stock. I am impressed and will be very impressed when they get here.
      As I stated in my original post. These seats are very comfortable. I am hoping the new versions will not fail.
      Thanks Radsport for responding to an issue I had frankly given up on.

  9. I’m in the market for a new seat and I have cash to blow. My LBS (Sports Basement) fitter has nothing but great things to say about SQ LAB, but my butt will be the final judge of that.

    I’ve been riding on a Selle Italia SLR Superflow for the past year and I’ve had good and bad days with it. The verdict on whether I like or not is still out. The reason I bought it is because people on Wiggle had nothing but fantastic things to say about it.

    I’m about 70% the weight limit of SQ’s saddle, so I hope the active version I’m purchasing won’t break.

  10. How does the Ergowave daddles hold up from impacts and general ground contact?
    It looks like there is no protection on the edges you avoid tears as many other mtb saddles are reinforced with..

    • Hello Axa,

      go for a 611 Ergowave and it will have very durable kevlar protection on the exposed edges taking care of any ground contact. As to impacts, there is a fine balance between making a saddle too strong/rigid and comfortable. The new SQlab S-tube ti rails are made from a material developed specifically for saddle rails so it is the best balance between low weight, strength and still providing that little bit of flex for a comfortable ride.

      Like Kenny said above, if anyone has any issues with the saddle breaking please just contact us or your local distributor, we stand behind our product and will always help out hould there be any issues.

      Thank you

      Krischan Spranz

  11. Sqlab are saying in their instructions to never ride without an elastomer. This review says that you can. I don’t know where you get your info from.

    Another thing, my medium elastomer has started to tear on the thin part in the middle. I’ve only ridden once and when I took it out, I noticed the tear.

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