Lawyer's Bike Milano, complete

You’ve gotta love a company whose philosophy is ‘the pursuit of perfection’, and at the risk of sounding stereotypical, you could probably guess they’re based in Italy. With a quick glance one can see that Seregno’s own Lawyer’s Bike takes the typical Italian pride in meticulous, high-quality construction and finishing quite seriously.

Every detail on their hand-built artisan bikes from welding to paint is carefully completed by skilled and experienced hands to create a polished, eye catching bicycle. As the name would suggest, these bikes are aimed at upscale professionals who commute or ride in urban settings, and want a noteworthy steed to be seen aboard.

Lawyer’s Bike currently has two single speed models available, and both feature Gates carbon belt drive systems for quiet and clean operation. Every frame is built to order (with stock geometry) and finished with the buyer’s choice of several key components. If you’d rather complete the build yourself, both models can also be purchased as a frameset…

Lawyer's Bike Milano frame, close up

Lawyer’s Bikes’ two models are called the Milano and the Verona. The frames are hand built by third generation builder Vetta Di Antonio Taverna, and the paint work is done by Emmeci Vernicature, who has been painting bikes for several major cycling brands since the 1980’s.

Lawyer's Bike Gates carbon belt drive system

The Milano is the more modern looking option, featuring aerodynamic drop- shaped tubing made from 7003 aluminum. The Gates front ring is 55t, and the customer can choose between a 22t freewheel or a 21t fixed-gear rear cog. Prices for a ‘complete’ bike start at $2800 (prices converted from Euros, including VAT tax) and go up from there depending on your component configuration…

The Milano comes with a base list of components included, but they’re not actually complete until you customize the bike via Lawyer’s Bike’s online configurator. You’ll have to add your choice of wheels, saddles, handlebars, grips/bar tape, and brakes (front only or front and rear are options) to make it a ridable machine.

Lawyer's Bike Milano, geo

The Milano’s frame geometry

The Milano can also be purchased as a frameset at a cost of $1492. The kit comes with a Deda Acciai Stream carbon fork, a 1-1/2” Deda headset and a Miche seat clamp. The frame is compatible with belt drive or chain drive systems, and uses a 31.6mm seatpost.

The frame’s weight, which appears to be given for a size large, is 3.3 lbs and the Stream fork weighs 0.9 lbs. Milano frames come in XS-XXL sizes which range from 50-61cm’s. Color choices include Stealth Black, Stealth Black Carbon, Moon Silver, or Moon Silver Carbon.

Lawyer's Bike Verona, complete green

The Verona offers more of an elegant, classic style. It’s also made from 7003 aluminum but with more traditional round tubing and clean looking, smoothed out welds. This model features the same gearing options as the Milano, and a large Verona frame weighs in the same at 3.3 lbs. The Deda Steels F-08 fork, which despite the name is comprised of carbon fiber legs with an aluminum steer tube, is a touch heavier than the Milano’s at 1.3 lbs.

Lawyer's Bike Verona, wooden parts

The complete models start at $2332, but again they’re not really complete until you pick out your preferred components. On the Verona, you can choose some very cool looking parts made from natural materials- A Ghisallo wooden wheelset is one option, as are the brand’s beechwood handlebars. You can also sit comfortably on Brooks seats made with supple saddle leather.

Lawyer's Bike Verona, geo

The Verona’s frame geometry. Photos courtesy of Lawyer’s Bike.

The Verona frameset includes the Steels F-08 fork, a 1-1/8 Aerozine headset and seatpost clamp, and the frame accepts 27.2mm seatposts. The frameset sells for $1216. Both of Lawyer’s Bikes’ models come in the same size options, but the color options for the Verona are Cardinal Red, Midnight Blue, Rock Grey and British Racing Green. Check out the company’s website for further details and the complete list of component options.


  1. Nash on

    Lots of cash for a single speed bike with rim brakes and no fenders. Most likely bikes like these are bought and ridden once- home from the shop.

  2. Bryce on

    Seems WAY overpriced to me. You would think that most lawyers do their homework before making that kind of purchase…good luck!


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