We just happened to stumble upon a sculpture from Korean artist Seo Young-Deok made from innumerable links of bike chain, were immediately drawn in, and had to find more. In looking into the artist’s work we found a large body of human figurative sculptures, each crafted by welding chains link-by-link to create these unique works. Trained in Seoul and now working out of a studio an hour out of the metropolis’ center Young-Deok creates all of the works by hand welding every link himself. Check out more below the fold…

all images courtesy of Seo Young-Deok

His works are often a rather dark and bleak look at humanity created out of hollow, cold steel chains, a symbol of modern life and technology. But while many of his sculptures have an almost creepy or intense look to them, there is certainly something to be said for the sense of realism after creating shapes and textures from the very limited palette and form of the chains he uses.

Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_Meditation-19-head-detail Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_Meditation-6-detail

Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_nirvana-1 Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_Meditation-4

Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_Meditation-16-artist Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_Meditation-16

Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_construction Young-Deok-Seo_chain-sculpture_head-construction

To find out more about the artist check out his website, or get a sometimes behind-the-scenes look on his Facebook or Instagram


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