We’ve seen several other bluetooth and hands free communication devices, some very complex with a camera, and some unencumbered by a smartphone but using a separate transmitter. Now, there’s one that minimizes the size and weight of what’s on your noggin by pairing with a smartphone app to let you communicate with up to nine of your riding buddies at a time…

Besides form factor, one of the key benefits of BONX is unlimited range, so long as you are in an area with cellular coverage. It’ll adjust the data integrity to accommodate weaker cell signals, too. It picks up your voice and starts communicating through app nearly instantly, saving battery life when you (or your buddies) are silent. Dual microphones help it know when you’re talking versus ambient noise, and wind and noise reduction keep it clear.


The earpiece comes in four colors and can be used to make standard phone calls or listen to music, also. The app is free and works on iOS 8 and newer and Android 4.3 and newer.


BONX has already successfully crowdfunded and shipped their first batch in Japan, and now they’re after the North American market through Indiegogo. Above are a few of the deals offered, check their campaign page for all the ways to nab one. Shipping is estimated to start this fall. Suggested retail price after the campaign is $139 each.


  1. Just what I need: that one guy in every cycling group who loves running his mouth on the steepest climb in everyone’s ear simultaneously!

  2. Yeah, so, I really want this.

    I’m not interested in it for road riding, but it would be friggin great for skiing and maybe MTB. Only trouble is that cell coverage in the mountains here in CO can be really spotty.

  3. This would be fantastic for our larger public group ride that often gets split up because of the size. It would also be great for small group touring where we tend to split off on climbs and regroup.

  4. One of the great things about group rides is that, as the pace picks up to where its hard to have a conversation (single pace line stretched out) you need to be fully paying attention. I can see this being beneficial for sportives/extremely large group rides where the group might get split up among other riders.

    As Dave said, great for skiing/MTB where people riding together are more prone to splitting up. Also can’t imagine how this would effect data/battery usage

  5. the places I want this (rural Colorado in the high mountains on both MTB and Nordic ski trails) all have zero mobile coverage. So…. fail, for me at least.

  6. From a marketing standpoint, shouldn’t they have named it something other than the most feared physiological condition in cycling?

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