SIS Isotonic energy gel tablets (3)

If you follow the world of energy gels, you may already be familiar with Science in Sport. Claiming to have offered the first Isotonic energy gel years ago, the brand has been fueling athletes in Europe including maybe most notably, the team who crossed the finish line in Paris with the yellow jersey, Team Sky. While the product remains the same, the big news from SiS is that they are now available for sale in the United States. Part of that entrance state side is their newly announced sponsorship with USA Cycling to become their official nutrition sponsor. Next time you’re at a USA cycling event, you should have the chance to try out one of their gels or tablets – or you can order your own at up to 20% off select products for USAC members, promoters, clubs, and sponsors.

Why would you use SiS gels over the competition? They claim they’re the perfect gels for riders who hate gels…

SIS Isotonic energy gel tablets (2) SIS Isotonic energy gel tablets (4)

SiS claims to be the first isotonic gel (since their introduction a number of companies have also introduced isotonic options), which are claimed to send energy to your muscles twice as fast as competing gels. Maybe more important for many riders though, is the ability to take the gels without water thanks to their more liquid consistency. However, that does make the physical size of the gel a bit larger than your average gel which may make their recommendation of 3 packs every 60 minutes a bit difficult to stuff in your jersey pockets for longer rides.

Each gel contains 60 ml of fluid and packs 22g of carbs in a vegan-friendly formula. Offered in 5 flavors, Apple, Orange, and Lemon Lime are caffeine free while Citrus and Berry add 75mg of the good stuff. The only bummer for some riders may be the addition of artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame K. Gels can be picked up for $8.99 a six pack or $11.99 for the caffeinated 6 pack, as well as 30 packs and variety packs.

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Sis also offers their GO Hydro tabs which are sold in 20 tablet tubes. The tablets offer electrolytes without a bunch of extra calories – but like the gels, they do contain non-nutritive sweeteners like sucrose, though so does almost every hydration tablet on the market. Available in Berry or Lemon, the vegan-friendly tablets sell for $9.99 per tube.


  1. I’ve used the gels and like them, picked up a bunch while in Europe. The SIS stuff is pretty well regarded over there. The big difference is that the serving is larger as they are more liquid and they claim you don’t need to chase with water. I’d add these to my regular lineup of power food if available.

  2. I am astounded SIS were never in the US market. There stuff has been ubiquitous in Europe for at least twenty years, Biggest difference I’ve noticed over other brands is that it tends not to give people runner’s trots, which might be the key to it’s popularity.

  3. They had a deal on a facebook ad there you’d get 12 free gels with any purchase, so I bought a drink mix with the gels. The gels themselves, since are isotonic, have much more water in them so to keep them gel-ish, they add gelatin to them, so its like a runny jello. Weird texture to say the least. The drink mix had 2 types of normal sugars (maltodextrin and maybe fructose?) but then it also had aspartame. Who thought that was a good idea?

  4. Definitely one of the more palatable energy products out there. There gels are much easier to get down, and keep down /in than others I’ve used.

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