Tern Elektron compact folding e-bike

The new Tern Elektron takes their most compact frame and integrates the Bosch Active motor system to create what they’re calling the smallest, most powerful folding e-bike ever.

The Elektron solves one of the main (only?) problems big city dwellers have with e-bikes – storage. Try fitting a standard e-bike in a small townhouse or apartment, or lugging it up a few flights of stairs because it won’t fit in the elevator, and you’ll quickly appreciate the compact footprint and (relatively) lighter weight of the Tern. But all the benefits are there, helping you cruise up the hills, over bridges or make up for running late thanks to a 400Wh battery and powerful motor.

Tern Electron premium compact folding e-bike

The 50-100km range, motor and compact size aren’t the only selling points. It comes standard with hydraulic Deore disc brakes, fenders, a 150-lumen headlight, integrated tail light and heavy duty rack strong enough to hold a Yepp/Thule kids seat. The frame’s adjustable seatpost and steerer let it fit anyone from 140-195cm tall (4’7″ – 6’4″).

Tern Elektron compact folding e-bike

With practice, the bike can be folded in under 10 seconds. The pedals clip off to further minimize its footprint, and it rests stably on its own, standing up next to your desk or door. Tern says you can even fit two of them in a standard car’s trunk. The frame uses an upgraded, stronger version of their OCL linkage to handle the extra weight of the motor.

Full details (weight, spec) will be unveiled at Eurobike. Retail will €2,999 (DACH, BNLX, DK) to €3,300 / $3,500, but look for deals when it launches on Kickstarter in October. Delivery pegged for Spring 2017.



  1. Allan on

    Proper use and application of e-bike technology. This is exactly the type of thing we need more of, to encourage non-cyclists out of their cars for work commuting. NOT to tear up mountain bike trails and wilderness use, or on regular road racing bikes. How can anyone argue this is precisely the ideal use of e-bike technology!?

  2. Iqbal Mirchawala on

    It’s one I like the best. E bike technology would be beneficial for future as well as good for older and women.


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