In what Lezyne is calling their Year 10 GPS collection, they’ve beefed up the performance of their cycling computers with new features like live tracking, turn-by-turn navigation, Strava Live segments, customizable screens, and color displays. They even added all-new products with a couple of GPS watches that build on the same tech in a more compact, multi-sport form factor.

Not surprisingly with that title, the complete overhaul of the 2017 GPS computer offerings is part of Lezyne celebrating 10 years this coming March.  With a decade of focusing on well-built, high performing products and good looking accessory designs, their high-value GPS offerings were a good target for a refresh. In the end 7 new GPS computers should offer an activity tracking solution for any cyclists with prices starting at just $100. Take a look at the new line-up after the break…


The Year 10 GPSes get a host of new functionality squeezed into the same small package that has made them popular with cyclists looking for something different than the recent trend of larger screens strapped to your bars.

The big boost in tech functionality across the range comes from pairing the devices with your smartphones. Each of the devices gets a bit more of a rugged look, but they follow in the simple data screen format and leave the more complicated mapping and communication to a paired mobile device.

Lezyne_Year-10-GPS-collection_Super-GPS_Strava-Live-segments Lezyne_Year-10-GPS-collection_Micro-C-GPS_turn-by-turn-breadcrumb-map Lezyne_Year-10-GPS-collection_Micro-C-GPS_turn-by-turn-directions

With that pairing you can now get typical phone notifications on the small devices, as well as live tracking through their own Lezyne Track software. You can also turn on Strava Live segments through the app to try to fight for Q/KOMs in real-time on your rides. Additionally, the mobile connection lets the phone power turn-by-turn navigation, managed by a companion app on the phone. The best new of all is that every one of the new GPS units offers the smartphone connectivity, so you get great features even out of the most affordable computer.


Super GPS


The most powerful of the bunch is the new Enhanced Super GPS with the most advance tech and interactivity. It retains basic ride tracking with multi-technology location and elevation measurement, which are said to work together to extend battery life. It also adds ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity to collect advanced data from external sensors like a power meter, heart rate monitor, or a speed & cadence sensors.

When paired to Lezyne’s iOS or Android GPS Ally app on your smartphone, it delivers the full suite of added features: incoming text, email & phone notification display, Strava Live Segments, and Lezyne’s first turn-by-turn guidance. The Super GPS display can also be customized to show only the data fields that interest you, or to show all of its data with 5 editable data pages. Lezyne claims a best-in-class battery performance with activity tracking for up to 24 hours.

At just 76g and 43mm x 68mm  x 27.5mm overall, the base Super GPS will sell for $150. A bundled version of the Super GPS with a heart rate strap will go for $190, and with heart rate strap + a speed & cadence sensor will take that up to $230.


Micro C GPS


Next in line is the Enhanced Micro Color GPS coming in with a slightly smaller screen and overall size, but with the addition of a color display. That color is there essentially to make the all of the same data fields that you’d find on the Super easier to read here in a more compact layout. Again it pairs with the Ally app to offer live tracking, live segments, turn-by-turn navigation, and mobile notifications.

It also carries over the ANT+ & Bluetooth communication for connection to external power meters, heart rate monitors, and speed & cadence sensors. Like the Super, it also uses both GPS and Glonass satellites, paired with a built-in barometer and accelerometer to offer excellent tracking accuracy.

The tiny Micro C GPS is said to weigh just 29g and run for 14 hours, with an overall size of 34mm x 48mm x 25mm. It will retail for $160, with a heart rate strap for $200 or the bundle with both heart rate strap and speed/cadence sensor for $240.


Micro GPS


The Enhanced Micro GPS delivers all of the exact same features as the color version for less money, with a high contrast monochromatic display with backlight. The Micro GPS shares the same weight, size and battery life of the color display unit, but will sell for a bit less at $130. The bundle with heart rate strap will cost $170, and with both strap and speed/cadence sensor will cost $200.


Macro GPS


A bit bigger the Macro GPS brings the price down even more with a bigger overall form (and bigger display), but with less connectivity. It still has built-in Bluetooth so you can connect to a smartphone and the Ally app. With the app connected you still get live tracking, live segments, turn-by-turn navigation, and mobile notifications offering a lot of value for the price. It even lets you customize the 5 screens of data fields. The Macro GPS drops ANT+ communication, but still can be paired with power meters, heart rate monitors and other devices that use Bluetooth.

The Macro takes the overall size back up to same as the Super GPS with the same 76g weight, and with that comes the same 32mm x 40mm display. Battery life is a claimed 22 hours, and the Macro will retail for $1o0 on its own. Bundled versions will be available for $140 & $180, with the heart rate strap or the heart rate strap + speed/cadence sensor combo, respectively.


Mini GPS


Back down to the smaller form factor, the Mini GPS is the same size and weight as the Micro, again with detuned internals. Again it builds in Bluetooth for smartphone/Ally app connection and the live tracking, live segments, turn-by-turn navigation, and mobile notification functionality. It also will pair with Bluetooth sensors, including power meters, and carries over the data page setup customization offering the same value as the Macro in a tiny size option.

Battery life on the Mini GPS drops to 10 hours, and will sell for the same $1o0 price as the Macro. Bundled with sensors, it will also go for $140 & $180, respectively.


Micro C GPS Watch


At the same time Lezyne has taken the already compact Enhanced Micro GPS and reconfigured it into a slightly narrower and longer, industrial looking watch that retains all of the features of the cycling-specific computer. The new Enhanced Micro Color GPS Watch has all of the exact features and functions of the new color display GPS computer, this time with a watch band to suit multi-sport athletes.


With Bluetooth and ANT+ the new watch will pair with whatever external sensors you have. And add in a comfortable and flexible molded rubber band in bright cyan blue or black to always have it ready on your wrist. The watch offers all of the same notifications and tracking paired with the Ally app, plus accelerometer-based everyday lifestyle tracking. The watch has a 100 hour runtime  if regular use, with 14 hours while tracking your GPS location. Lezyne has programmed in multiple activity tracking modes (not swimming.)

The Micro C GPS Watch is said to weigh 29g, gets a 30mm x 38mm display and will sell for $170 alone, or $210 including a heart rate monitor.


Micro GPS Watch

Lezyne_Year-10-GPS-collection_enhanced-Micro-GPS-Watch_front Lezyne_Year-10-GPS-collection_enhanced-Micro-GPS-Watch_details

Like on the cycling computer the Enhanced Micro GPS Watch offers all of the same features in a high-contrast black display to keep the cost down. It will sell for just $140, or $180 with the heart rate monitor strap.

As part of the new offerings with Bluetooth SMart connectivity Lezyne will also sell the Heart Rate Flow sensor and Cadence Speed Flow sensors separately for $45 a piece.



  1. I am hugely excited about these. I’ve one of the first Super GPS computers, and have been a big advocate for their GPS stuff for the last year. It’s fantastic.

  2. Sign me up. I have one of their previous units and it fits my needs perfectly. Plus I can upgrade to the new one and I still haven’t spent as much as I would’ve on a single Garmin 🙂

    • It’s simple – no competition. They were first out the gate, and gapped the field by a long distance. Once the rest of these makers catch up, we should see a price war that’ll push these things down to under $100 for the basic ones.

  3. Lezyne, Lezyne, ya better offer a software update or upgrade program for your early adopters.

    After buying your original super just because I was tired of Garmin, and getting a device I couldn’t customize the displays of in any meaningful way, this is pretty much what I was waiting for. Don’t let me down or I’m buying my friend’s used 500 series Garmin.

  4. Speaking of upgrades…. even though I originate from Garmin country (K.C.) and a former land surveyor, I started with a Suunto watch. Unfortunately, Suunto decided not to provided upgrades or customer service to any of the owners of that particular outdoor watch. Hence, reason I will never buy another Suunto product. So, Lezyne, learn from others mistakes. FYI – I love your tools, etc. even though I now own something like 10 Garmin devices.

  5. Rated 24 hours on a single charge? Plenty for a 300 km audax, then.

    I’m still fairly solidly invested in Cat Eye’s product range (because simple, cheap, effective, it just works), but if I do decide to make the jump to GPS, Lezyne’s my pick. It boggles my mind why Garmin never bothered to increase the battery life on its head units.

  6. Always loved there stuff and I’ve had great service from Lezyne with my Mini GPS when I called them. They talked me through some dumb questions I had. It’s great to have a company that has reasonable people doing support. I’ll get a new one for sure…

  7. Based on other Lezyne purchases, I’m going to wait and see before buying one of these admittedly enticing GPSes. My Lezyne bike light (Macro Drive 800 XL) was great until it suddenly defaulted to just two modes–no big deal, but that gave me pause. Worse was the “Classic Chain Rod” tool I bought that was a total fail. The wooden handle ensured that I was unable to use the tool from the proper angle because of the fat handle when attempting to remove a lockring. The crap wood also cracked near the rivets. (Most Internet reviews are positive, but there are a couple of honest complaints on Amazon.) I took it back to the LBS and they were properly embarrassed and apologetic. It makes me wonder what kind of QC Lezyne do. Normally I would swear off buying anything from them again, but with a dearth of GPS devices to choose from, I might be tempted–once buyers prove to be happy with these new units.

    • Your light’s in Race mode. One of the reasons I love my Lezyne light. If you read the manual instead of complaining you would know that….

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