More is promised in two days, which coincides with the start of Eurobike, but the image grab above suggests Fizik may be launching a bibshort-and-saddle pair to “link” you to the bike. Makes sense, and something we’d be keen to try. Check the video after the break, and leave your guesses in the comments…


  1. This may–be the saddle/chamois combo I’ve been dreaming of for all of my late-night parking garage/empty warehouse riding. Thank you fi’zi:k!

  2. THE definition of a nothing video in a nothing article. Prob should have just waited for more info… Enemy the 10s video was dark!!!

  3. Would like cycling shorts/bib shorts that only put the padding only where it’s needed. No idea why this is such a hard thing…

    • @John, do tell. I thought most did, i.e. in the areas that contact the saddle. I also prefer padds that have the, err, ‘modesty’ extension up the front, as really, there’s nothing worse than seeing rider’s junk in too much detail when people are milling around.

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