Developed from the ground up for disc brakes, the new carbon Aracnide is a hi-tech handmade Italian bike blending sleek performance, comfort, and custom detailing. We previously saw new titanium, steel & aluminum options from the custom builders at T°Red back at NAHBS, and even their solution for the terror of disc brakes on the road this spring. But now they are back with an all new custom carbon road bike, their first to be developed exclusively for disc brakes. Get a closer look after the jump…


The new Aracnide bike is built with a bonded monocoque production method that combines the benefits of a flexible tube-to-tube style construction with the light rigidity and individual carbon ply control of monocoque bikes built in a preset mold. That means T°Red can offer almost complete customization of the bike’s geometry while still delivering on low weight and stiffness.

tred-arcanide-a02rc_full-custom-italian-disc-brake-carbon-road-bike_non-driveside tred-arcanide-a02rc_full-custom-italian-disc-brake-carbon-road-bike_rear-end

The Aracnide A02RC was developed with road racing in mind for the rider looking for improved braking. It has been given a stiff and reactive backbone for quick handling while the top of the frame is able to damp vibration before it gets to the saddle. Specifically the bike’s dropped seat stays use a large hollow section before they hit the seattube that can deliver lateral stiffness while at the same time flexing vertically to tune out the bumpiest of roads. That means better rear wheel traction, more comfort, and more time you can spend in the saddle.

tred-arcanide-a02rc_full-custom-italian-disc-brake-carbon-road-bike_seat-cluster tred-arcanide-a02rc_full-custom-italian-disc-brake-carbon-road-bike_front-end

The bike gets clean internal routing throughout, and can be adapted for any drivetrain you choose specifically, or include modular stops that offers down future-proofing. The bike gets flat mount disc brakes, with the back brake inside of the rear triangle on the chainstay. It also uses a looped hollow rear stay arrangement with the dropout hung off the back of the triangle that also helps leave the seatstays free to be thin and more flexible. The Aracnide A02RC sticks with a traditional 27.2 post for comfort but adds in a hidden, wedge-style post clamp under the toptube.

tred-arcanide-a02rc_full-custom-italian-disc-brake-carbon-road-bike_thru-axle tred-arcanide-a02rc_full-custom-italian-disc-brake-carbon-road-bike_seatstays

T°Red says there is tire clearance in the frame for around 27-28mm tires depending on rim width, with the chainstays looking to be the most constricted point. (This bike has 25mm Veloflex clinchers on 18mm internal 3T Discus wheels.) The Aracnide A02RC uses 12mm thru-axles front and rear.

Fully custom, and developed off of their 1st gen carbon road racer, the A02RC can also be adapted for use with rim brakes.


  1. None more black…. who in the bike industry lost their paint? Its carbon. I get it. Now paint it!!
    Sorry, I’ll take a 50g penalty for paint. I mean, I drink beer so……

  2. nice to see that this bike has been ridden with real chainstay scuff marks and actual grit on the back of the seat tube. still looks pretty to me

  3. I cannot find any information on pricing, or where these bikes are sold. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s somewhere between “holy ___” and “Hahahahaha!”.

  4. Which manufacturer will be the first with high end eroad bikes? Lots of scrapping the barrel for market differentiation.

  5. Those mechanical brake calipers hurt my eyes with that spec. It’s worse than combining Aksium wheels with ETap. I think a couple mm more tire clearance would’ve also been a good choice. Otherwise a good looking bike.

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