Bont is known for their carbon fiber footbed with a more naturally wide, foot-shaped outsole…and their high prices. The new Bont Riot introduces a more reasonably priced entry point to their design, but still get the heat moldable sole. Updated graphics make them look much higher end than the price suggests.

They’ll be available in Riot and Riot+ versions, the former using a buckle and the latter (shown) getting the BOA dial, both for less than half the cost of the Vaypor. Check out detail pics below, along with the all-new Vaypor G “gravel” shoe…



Compared to $459 for the Vaypor S and $499 for the Vaypor+, the Riot+’s single BOA $179 (road) and $199 (MTB) price points are quite good, especially since they come with the moldable insole. They use a microfiber upper with perforations at the front, and the mountain bike version gets full length tread with micro nubs in the mid-foot to keep you safely on the pedal should a second to get the cleat locked in. The standard Riot with buckle comes in $20 cheaper per model.


The Vaypor G is a new gravel bike shoe that has a stiff carbon sole that wraps upward into the heel cup. The leather upper is stiffer and more durable, too, and they get standard MTB SPD clear mounts rather than road three bolt. It’s shown here with the Vaypor S branding, but this is the G.




It gets some of the tread of a mountain bike shoe, but without all of the additional upper reinforcements to save weight. The tread lugs, like on their MTB shoes, are replaceable. MSRP will be $459 and it’ll come in black and black/red, not the white shown here.


The new Bont Zero+ gets a host of upgrades and remains their premium specialty lightweight shoe. The new Durolite upper is lighter than but equally durable as the previous leather, and it’s dimpled for improved aerodynamics. Hidden under the flap is a BOA retention dial, and vents and holes on the upper forefoot help keep your foot cool. It adds a moldable insole to the mix, giving your more ability to customize the fit and shape. It’s available in stock, narrow and wide fits for $439, black or white.

Not shown, the Vaypor+ gets upgraded with kangaroo leather and a cowhide inside lining.


  1. final retail price for the bonts riot is quite fair. Problems are that all that carbon so exposed, for regular road riders, they seem to crack very fast. they don’t last 10 years like a sidi shoes, also a lot of quality control issues with these shoes inthe past apparently… Not a lot of venting, and that sole is not good for people with flatter feet.

    For the rest, they are plenty stiff, easily the best road performace shoe out there.

  2. I have never had a problem with bont cycling shoes. Heat moulding is not exactly easy but if you follow instructions it works out as described. I’ll definitely buy them again.
    The uppers are not mouldable. The rest of the shoe is like a carbon fibre clog and that is mouldable.

  3. What is not mouldable is the sole, actually. Only the uppers can be molded. You do not mold carbon fiber. So many comments from sellers lately on the internet…

  4. Velofreak, you can mold carbon. It all depends on the resin you use, in this case, one that reaches its plastic phase at lower temperatures. You can mold and remold these shoes as many times as you like to customize the fit.

  5. every single bont user, and their brother too, say the sole won’t move a single bit, just the syntethic upper will do. But of course, armchair engineers know better, LOL

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