Now in its 11th edition, Red Bull Rampage was back for 2016 this past Friday. Using a new zone in Virgin, Utah, the format was a bit different this year as riders had to adapt to more natural terrain since power tools and additional materials were not allowed for building jumps. The only exception to that last part is that each rider’s dig team was given 75 sand bags. The combination of fewer builders, no power tools, and only sand bags to add to the natural rock and dirt meant that teams had to work together. That was especially true when it came to unlocking the “impassable route.” Off to rider’s left, this insane line meant clearing a massive drop that had to be built up using all of the sandbags available for the riders that were attempting the line.

Ultimately, it led to some incredible runs, but none of them were a match for Brandon Semenuk’s best of the day…

No big surprise here, this guy is a machine. With his first run setting the bar, Semenuk walked away with the win.

Also, we’d like to send some healing vibes to Graham Agassiz after taking a massive tumble during his Rampage run. On Instagram, Graham said “All I broke was my pelvis with a lot of other aches and bruises.” If you saw the crash, you know that in spite of sounding pretty bad, that’s really good news. Heal quick Graham! More good news – Paul Basagoitia was in attendance at Rampage, walking with the help of canes. Better yet? The photo of him on instagram yesterday riding a bike. Keep going Paul.


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