For some, saddle bags may seem difficult to organize, bulky, noisy, and just extra weight. Jet Roll wants to convince riders that these issues could be solved with the Sidewinder pouch. It’s able to store repair essentials to help get you back on the road/trail, yet small enough to easily be stored in a jersey pocket. Or – Jet Roll’s newest tool wrap also has a unique way of attaching to your bike…

Sidewinder_Unrolled Sidewinder_Topview

Sidewinder_Seatpost Sidewinder_Button

photo c. Jet Roll

The Sidewinder comes with 6 pockets that can hold tire levers, a tire boot, patch kit, new tube, CO2 cartridge/head, multi tool, and spare cash. Obviously, it can hold just about anything that will fit like any other bag. The roll is securely closed with a gem button, and can be wrapped with the included tube compression band.

Alternatively, the roll can mount to the seatpost, seat, or other packs with the compression band or included leather strap. The smaller design of the Sidewinder should keep it out of the way of your legs while pedaling, though that likely will depend on how much it’s filled. The Jet Roll rubber band can also be used to hold the Sidewinder to the seatpost, but you’ll have to remove the post to install the rubber band first. The Sidewinder is on sale in four different colors (red, black, grey, blue), and priced at $45.


  1. dustytires on

    As someone who is old enough to have used the rag and toe strap method of carrying spare tube/c02 for many years and countless miles, this is an OCD way to add some more tools and keep them separate and secure. When carrying all the extra stuff they show on their web site, the tools will wear into a tube if using a sock, so I see the advantage of this complex wrap.

  2. ktula on

    A tool roll definitely makes organizing the repair kits a lot easier. But one thing it does not do is weight reduction. I personally don’t see how moving the same tools from a saddlebag to the Sidewinder will make it lose the “extra weight”.

  3. cracked frame on

    I wish the website didn’t look like a 1999 HTML mess. I can’t figure out what the heck I am looking at, the product?, the backgrounds?, what?! What a disaster.

  4. Blake on

    I’ve tried tool rolls. They provide quick and easy access to the wrapped materials, but I have yet to find anything better than the Arundel Dual Seat Bag. It holds a tube, two CO2’s, inflation head, two tire levers, patch kit, and multi-tool. It’s small enough to sit under the saddle easily, it attaches tightly, stays put, and is easy to remove/reinstall. The Dual is well made, comes in colors, two other sizes, and cost less than $20 – No I don’t work for Arundel.

  5. Steve on

    On the contrary, as we’ve been told, it’s top grade materials, meticulous handmade construction, and highly functional versatility make the Sidewinder worth it’s weight in gold.


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