Billed as the only American-made indexed internal-cam thru axle, Paul’s Set N’ Forget quick release look like they will make a solid upgrade for anyone looking for an alternative to the crunchy action of plastic external cam levers. They were developed as an alternative to the standard QR levers, initially to satisfy the needs of custom frame builders moving to more thru-axles, but have gotten a positive response from production bike owners who wanted something well-built and with a smoother action. With a 12 position head, they can be easily adjusted to line up where you want then inline with your fork or stays, and Paul offers them in a wide array of sizes to fit many frames and forks…

The Set N’ Forget axles come in two diameters 12mm & 15mm, in two different thread pitches, and 9 lengths to suit a wide range of frames and forks. Paul even offers a clear guide on how to measure your bike (use outer dimensions) and pick the right thread pitch (apparently the vast majority of 15mm front axles use coarse 1.5 thread pitch so compare your rear to figure it out.) They also offer a separate axle nut for frames that need those too.


Then once you have the Set N’ Forgets, to set the position of the lever just tighten the QR, push the orange head, and rotate the lever to where you want to line it up. Then every time you use it, the lever arm will end up back where you set it. Set it and forget it.

Paul make the axle in their Chico, CA base from 7075 & 6061 aluminum and stainless steel. No plastic, thank you very much. They are available in silver and black ano, either with their signature QR orange button or ones that match the silver/black of the rest of the axle hardware.

The Set N’ Forgets are available now from Paul directly for $68 a piece, or through your friendly local bike shop.


  1. I’ve been hoping to find a better through axle for my GT Grade for a while now. This seems to be the first one I’ve seen that’ll work!

  2. Aside from being made by paul, how is this different than the maxle ultimate? The answer is that its not. At least the price is not bad.

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