It can never be said too often, lights are important day or night. The more you can stand out, the better. Tern is making riders stand out in a different way by providing a rear tail light with a downward facing lens, along with a rear facing one. The goal is to make drivers give cyclists more room on the road.  See it in action past the break…

The Vizy projects 360° of light below the bike to help riders stand out, and visualizes space for drivers to pass. In addition to shining downwards and backwards, the light looks visible from the sides which may help in intersections. It gets an IPX5 water-resistant rating for rain and splashes, USB rechargeable battery, stainless steel build, and simple rubber strap mount. It’s able to fit seatposts ranging from 27.2-35mm and weighs in at 74g. It’s only available in silver, and it’s priced at $40.


  1. ummm.. this is a just a rebranded “open mold” light that’s been on amazon for months now for $18.80. Search Hodgson and you will see it.. Looks even nicer too, nice red shell too..

    • How is it a ripoff? It’s been quite a few years since some thought that illuminating the area around a cyclist might improve visibility of that cyclist. With that in mind there are two options:

      1. Redirect diffuse light to the ground and sides.
      2. Use “lasers” and line generators to produce illuminated lane markers.

      If you’d put the question to a class of optics students of how to better illuminate a cyclist or make a cyclist more visible at night, you’d likely get those two answers in short order, along with other possible solutions. They’re pretty obvious solutions.

      Using your logic, every double diamond frame bicycle is a ripoff of someone’s idea. Every pair of bike shorts with a chamois is a ripoff of someone’s idea. Every wheel is a ripoff if someone’s idea.

      • It’s all in the claim in their Boobtoob vid “The Vizy reinvents the classic bike light”.

        No they didn’t. If they are going to make claims like that, then I am going to say they ripped off someone else’s design.

        Very, very few things these days are original, that’s what happens with saturation, but to do something and claim you ‘reinvented’ it, well…

        Nuance maybe but these days everything is about nuance, so if you are going to do something, make sure you do not make silly, broad brush claims.

        Aside from all this, the 360 degree thing is a brilliant system, it’s the only lighting system in 30 odd years on a bike II have ever used that actually makes cars go around you.

  2. Many of the people I know who ride at night at commuters who have some type of baggage (physical not mental) that would interfere with a seat post mounted light. The Tern website doesn’t seem to indicate any options for back of the rack mounting. Even if it did the lower position would project a smaller circle of light. Product appears to be of somewhat limited use.

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