Thanks to the Amazon influence, these days it seems like most bike brand feel that if they don’t have online ordering, they’re leaving money on the table. The real question seems to be not whether bikes should be sold online, but how to go about fulfilling those sales without stepping on the toes of your dealer network in the process. We’ve seen a number of different sales structures pop up in recent years, and now Nirve is following in those footsteps.

With their new All-Access direct online sales model, consumers will be able to purchase the bikes straight from the web where they’ll be shipped to a Nirve dealer of their choice for delivery…


Available only in the U.S. but in all 50 states, All-Access starts with the consumer picking out a bike online through their new website. In order to purchase it, the consumer must choose from nearby Nirve dealers where the bike will be shipped to for assembly and service after the sale. Nirve says that the shop that takes delivery will be compensated directly with compensation based on normal dealer margins. If the dealer doesn’t have the bike in stock, Nirve will ship it in 24 hours with the hope that once it arrives the shop will have it assembled in 48 hours. The shop gets paid, the consumer gets a properly assembled bike, everybody wins.

Available on all Nirve models, you can start shopping for your next bike now.


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