Bike maintenance is sometimes a bit of an afterthought, so anytime it can be made quicker, easier or more efficient, we’re all ears. Walking around the shows this year, we found a number of innovative tools and cleaners that do just that, starting with the InnoBike 105 High Tech 4-in-1 chain care. Not only does it clean and lube the chain in one application, they say it also removes rust and crud. Even better, both the dropper and aerosol spray bottles use a brush applicator tip so the product goes only where it should, and not all over your frame…

The product dissolves grease, grime and resins, then leaves a protective and lubricating film on the chain and cassette once it evaporates. That means you don’t need to add any other lube, which can attract dirt and grit. Apply after riding.

They also make this handy bike wash refill that nests a spray bottle inside it and incorporates a filling spout.

If you can’t bothered to spray and scrub your bike, perhaps your shop could invest in the Cycle Wash.

Multiple nozzles and brushes, it gets your bike clean in under five minutes and uses less water than you standing around with a hose. You’ll still need to pay closer attention to the drivetrain, but this gets the big stuff without you getting dirty.

Wera is a German brand of premium tools, and it’s the details that set them apart. Their hex wrench set is color coded and are made of Inox stainless steel. The hex shaped ends have long faces to ensure full contact and avoid stripping.

Their Joker wrenches use a double sided design to help you get a grip no matter what condition your bolts are in. The open end has two faces – one with micro serrations to bit into stripped bolts, and the other face has 30º notches to grab at more ergonomically (or tighter) angles. The closed end is a one-way ratcheting design, flip it over to loosen or tighten. They also make sets in various sizes (above and below).

Check them out at

No booth had a wider assortment of “holy cow, how has nobody thought of this before” tools than Super B. Above, a spring loaded chain whip wrench means you no more whip slips. On the right, their dual-purpose master link tool both tightens and opens quick connect chain links.

Their T/L mini tool gives you all the usual hex and torx wrench sizes in a body that is easier to grab and twist for improved leverage over stubborn bolts. The 10-in-1 folding tool keeps the flat shape but adds a CO2 chuck. On the right is a universal emergency derailleur hanger, which could save your ride in a pinch. Brilliant.

Since a hammer and flat head screwdriver is not an approved method of removing a crown race from your fork, it’s about time there was a simple tool to pry it up and off the fork. Ever sawed your steerer tube and, even with a guide, ended up having a cut that wasn’t perfectly perpendicular to the tube? Yeah, us too. So why not borrow a page from plumbers and use a pipe cutter? Super B offers more than 200 tools and launches 20 or more new ones each year.


  1. …Why not? Because pipe cutters smash the area around the cut, meaning the top of your steerer is now no longer proper diameter. This makes placing star nuts harder, makes using expanding plugs a nightmare, & depending on how close your stem is to the top of the steerer, lowers clamping force since the clamping area is now tapered.

    Also, you can’t use them on carbon.

    And, that crown race remover has existed from a bunch of different brands for years. It isn’t new.

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