Bicycling and beer already seem to have a pretty good relationship, but there’s a new brewery in the works to crank it up a notch. Founded in 2016 by home brewer and craft beer judge Rawley Macias, Rouleur Brewing Company is set to officially open its doors later this year, with March as the target. Drawing on his experience as a cyclist, Rouleur will be a bicycling themed brewery, but aims at serving the entire market. With the brewery itself located in Carlsbad, CA, Rouleur is excited to become part of the San Diego craft beer scene, and will kick things off with six cycling themed brews…

With a name like “Rouleur” you’d expect the company to have a well rounded tap list, which appears to be the case. The first six beers will each have cycling inspired names like The Domestique, The Sprinter, and the Clydesdale. In total, there is a blonde ale, red ale, pale ale, dark ale, IPA, and golden strong ale, all with a Belgian twist due to their proprietary Amero-Belgo yeast strain.

One of the more interesting details to the story is that Rouleur will be launching in the H.G. Fenton Brewery Igniter which offers “turnkey brewing facilities with state of the art brewing systems and tasting rooms” so that upstarts like Rouleur can get up and running with limited investment. Operating out of a 2,000 square foot space, Rouleur will start with a system that can produce up to 1,800 barrels a year and a tasting room with 10 taps.


    • Totally…
      When you say an “1800-barrel system”, what exactly do you mean? 1,800 barrels per year? 1,800 barrels per brew?! The latter isn’t likely for an upstart, and certainly wouldn’t fit in a 2,000 square foot space!

    • Amen. Enough mediocre breweries out there as it is. Just because you like bikes and think beer is cool, doesn’t mean you’re going to have success as a brewery by combining the two…

  1. Two years later and Rouleur’s business is thriving. Rawley is at the center of the cycling community and a real player in North County’s brewing scene. His beers are commonly found on tap at local restaurants and featured as guest taps at other tasting rooms.

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