2017 Raleigh Clubman Carbon endurance road bike with paint matched fenders

The Raleigh Clubman model name goes back to the 1940’s when it was a steel road bike. Now, they’ve introduced a thoroughly modern and stunningly gorgeous Clubman Carbon.

It’s a disc brake bike with thru axles, color-matched full coverage fenders front and rear hiding 28mm skinwall Clement Strada LGG tires, and a Brooks Cambium saddle with matching cotton bar tape. It gets a mostly Shimano Tiagra group with a non-series polished double crankset and TRP Spyre brakes. Full internal cable routing, even for the front disc brake through the fork leg, keeps the focus on the beautiful sky blue paint with red and white accents.

It will fit up to 32mm tires without the fenders.

Hidden fender mounts sit above the cassette and disc brake rotor for optimum clearance and versatility.

Available now, retail is $2,299.

The Grand Vitesse is in the line for a second year and is a Reynolds 853 steel bike with carbon fork and modern endurance geometry and a full Ultegra group save for the brakes.

It will also fit up to a 32mm tire. Retail is $2,399.

The Super Course is a women’s specific 4130 steel bike that comes with the same Clement skinwall tires, Brooks Cambium saddle and matching bar tape.

Rack and fender mounts on the rear, plus fender mount tabs on the fork dropouts. Both it and the Grand Vitesse get tapered head tubes.

Retail is $999 with a Shimano Claris group. Sizes drop down to a 48 to fit even the smallest riders, up to a 56 in even size increments. Color options are this green, a dark blue and a light sky blue.



  1. Andrew, Raleigh has had some nice cross bikes and grinder type bikes for a few years. I do agree that this is another step up, though.
    I am surprised they didn’t go 650b for the women’s bikes especially.

    • I think all the big brands are playing chicken with 650b. No one wants to be the first to take the plunge, but apparently Specialized it going to have a 650b AWOL soon.

  2. Fair play to Raleigh for making the Clubman look like it’s a retro-ish bike made of steel, when it really isn’t. It looks all the more interesting for it IMHO.

    I wonder what particular crankset they use?

  3. Wow, really nice bikes and price points. I love the integration of the fenders on the clubman. The steel bikes look “meh” from a distance, but the close up shots show how clean and elegant they are with nice details (eyelets for example) for practical use. They would make nice club ride/century/fondo bikes for the non-competitive rider, or great commuters. Nice job Raleigh.

  4. A practical bike at an affordable price that isn’t painted black, red, or white?!? The horror! Seriously, I am pumped that Raleigh is making these. This is all the bike 99% of the world ever needs. The carbon one is nice too.

  5. I had a 2011 Clubman for about a year (until it got stolen) and I thought it was an amazing commuter — rode great, looked good, well-built, pretty cheap, had all the mounts I needed, etc. I think they’ve been seriously under-rated for some time.

    I also think that’s what’s traditionally hurt their sales is that they’re trying to appeal to the retro crowd but they have a sloping top tube. People are superficial like that. 🙂

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