Hang around road racing long enough, and you’re bound to see some carnage. Get a number of riders throwing down big watts in confined quarters, and it’s inevitable. Sometimes that crash happens at the worst possible spot, as it did recently during the Cat 3 Santa Barbara Road Race. This time, Peter Aquino who races for Hunkr.com and Pedal Industries, happened to have cameras rolling front and rear as a rider went down in front of him. The crash caused a chain reaction since it was right in the middle of the sprint – which happened to be on a bridge with a 30 foot fall down to the creek bed below. Miraculously, even though Carefast/Storck racer Mike Allec ended up going up and over the wall, he managed to catch himself before plummeting to the ground below…

While it sounds like there were some fairly serious injuries sustained by a few riders, we’re glad it wasn’t worse! Maybe sprint zones over bridges aren’t the best idea…


  1. @Chi Zhang….it’s California, river and creek beds are typically dry. Like cottonmouth, another California thang. 😉

    @joenomad…you funny man

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