Small production Italian steel frame builder Officina Battaglin is about to become a lot easier to get ahold of in the US & Canada. Partnering with bikeshop-in-a-van Velofix, Battaglin will bring its collection of classic lugged and brazed steel road frames to North American customers looking for either traditional or modern steel road bike with a bit of good old world flair. The bikes handmade to order in their Marostica, Italy workshop about an hour northwest of Venice, will get sent to the US where Velofix will be able to build them up into modern complete bikes and deliver them direct to consumers – from Italian workshop to your doorstep…

Velofix, currently the largest fleet of mobile bike shops in North America will offer full sales and service for Officina Battaglin, making it even easier to have a classic Italian bike brought right to you.

The process gets underway in Marostica where retired pro – Giro & Vuelta winner from the 70s & 80s – Giovanni Battaglin oversees operations. Customers in the US & Canada can deal directly with Officina Battaglin (officina is Italian for workshop) to purchase a frame, and then Battaglin will hand everything over to Velofix. Velofix will coordinate with the buyer to add on components as desired, to figure out complete bike build pricing options, and arrange delivery.

Battaglin offers three standard and a variety of limited special edition steel bikes built from Columbus tubing. They are offered in stock sizes and a couple of classic finish options paired with the style of construction of each frameset.

Velofix will sort out all bike assembly and initial fitting & setup. Included in the purchase price, Velofix will also come back for a 30 day checkup on the bike to make any adjustments needed. After that they’ll continue to manage warranty and service responsibilities.



The Velofix crew also get trained on the Battaglin bikes, and can guide buyers in choosing the right frame for them and the correct size, as needed. All as part of their Velofix Direct service for new bike purchases, you can just get in touch with them via their website to ask questions and start the new bike online buying process. &


  1. cagampang on

    Mmmm! I visited his shop in ’86, when they were painting all their bikes red, white and blue for the Carrera team..So awesome…’Guido Bontempi- Strong like Bull’. Glad they are still around.


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