DZR has been making clipless pedal friendly street shoes for many years, in fact the Minna shoe itself was introduced back in 2012.  But now the most popular set of kicks are getting a bit of a colorful update away from the original’s all-black look with a pair of limited edition options. Dubbed the Minna Mist and Minna Cadet, the new models take inspiration from the bay-side foggy HQ of DZR in San Fransisco, while keeping the durable construction or the original with some subtle feature updates…

Both new Minna models mix materials in the upper to balance the durability of full grain leather with a range of colors & finishes with suede, poplin, and nylon.

With the new look also comes an update to a wider last that offers a roomier and more comfortable fit to transition on and off the bike. They do carry over DZR’s now standard Variable Flex Shank, which through a full length nylon shank built into the midsole offers more stiffness over the pedal axle and forefoot and more flexibility in the heel to balance pedaling efficiency and walkability.

The shoes get a soft gum rubber sole for good grip off the pedals, and well as a reflective heel chain link logo for improved visibility on the bike.

Both the LTD Cadets (blue) and Mists (green) come in sizes from 37-47 and sell for $140 with matching camo soles.


  1. MrCrash on

    Love my DZR’s. A good blend of comfort, style and efficiency for zipping around town and not looking like a total bike geek. Cleats are tucked way up in sole, so no clicky-clack.


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