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Think you need to take time off from work to have a true adventure by bike? That may be the case if you want to do something like ride the Continental Divide, but just because you don’t have a ton of time doesn’t mean you can’t do something epic in its own way. That seems to be the inspiration for Garry Davoren and William O’Connor’s recent ride through Ireland. After loading up their Kona Wozo fat bikes with camping gear and supplies for a 24 hour mission through the Irish countryside and the Slieve Aughty mountains, their microadventure shows that you don’t need a massive trip to completely escape from your day to day.

Check out the clip, and details on the Kona Wozo including actual weight after the jump…

Pedaling through the countryside, camping, trail riding, and pubs – all add up to an amazing journey in a single day.

A bit different from your typical bikepacking rig, the clip highlights the fact that the new Kona Wozo is a much more capable fat bike. That has a lot to do with the fact that the geometry and ride has been modeled after the Kona Honzo with super short 420mm chainstays, a 69° head tube angle, and longer reach to work with short stems and wide bars. Equipped with an adjustable rear dropout to fine tune chainstay length and tire clearance or allow for single speed use, the frame uses a plate style chainstay yoke and PF92 bottom bracket for rear tire clearance. Likely to allow for the 420mm chainstays, the rear tire comes stock as a 26 x 4.0 while the front goes with a 26 x 4.8″ Schwalbe Jumbo Jim. Built with aggressive riding in mind the aluminum frame includes internal dropper compatibility and is equipped with a 100mm RockShox Bluto and SRAM NX/GX 1×11 drivetrain.

On the scale, this medium with tubes in the tires came in at 32.83 lbs (14.89kg). As pictured, the Wozo sells for $2399 and is available in S-XL.



  1. ted sanchez on

    it doesn’t seem like at any point in that video they actually needed fat bikes? could of just been on regular hardtails? not sure why the fat bikes were used?

    • Robin on

      Because they wanted to and it was fun? Isn’t that enough? Do we need a checklist which forces a bike upon us for a given ride? I’m in favor of me riding what I want and letting other people ride what they want. So long as someone’s riding and having fun, does anything else matter?

  2. ChknBreast on

    You could ride a 23mm tire with 120psi in it on those trails if you wanted. Fat tires = more comfort. Efficiency be damned.

  3. Haters Gonna Hate on

    @ChknBreast Did you even watch the whole video? Start at 3 minutes and tell me whether most people could ride those trails on a 23mm at 120psi. Why so many haters?

    • ChknBreast on

      I haven’t put my RM Blizzard down since I bought it. 4.8 inch tires for life. Nobody gets it. I have had way more fun on that bike than my road bike, AM bikes, commuter, etc. Done 50km road days, Whistler double black diamond trails, and everything in between. I never said most people could ride trails like that on a 23mm tire, personally I wouldn’t, but I’ve been with guys who do it.

  4. Brian M on

    The cover photo for this article looks a little obscene. Like two jabba the huts laying on their side after gorging something unholy. But then I read further and 32 pounds is pretty reasonable.


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