A touch screen, Android-powered bike computer makes up the heart of the Vudu7 V all-in-one device that straps to your handlebar. With that you get the standard ride performance tracking, connectivity to all manner of external training devices, and even turn-by-turn navigation. But it doesn’t stop there…

Vudu7’s V adds on HD video recording, the ability to snap GPS tagged photos as you ride, a crash alert system with automatic traffic camera incident recording, a 1200 lumen LED light setup, integrated horn & anti-theft alarm, speakers to listen to tunes on the go, even the ability to pop in a SIM card & use it as a phone. It really seems that the V could be more all-in-one than any handlebar-mounted device before it. The project remains in development for now, but ahead of a crowdfunding project that will start in the next month, Vudu7 are offering a special discounted launch offer. Get a closer look at the full details of the V after the break…

After reading the specs, our first thought was something along the lines of “oh man, how giant and ugly is this thing going to be?” The answer came back better than expected. Sure this isn’t going to be the super sleek computer that the fast roadie or maybe even the gear obsessed mountain biker might be looking for, but considering what gets built inside, it is pretty low-profile.

If you are already combining an LED lighting system, a cycling GPS, and an action cam on your bars this will actually be a much more compact solution.

Vudu7 claims their upcoming V will be the first multi-function cycling computer based on Android to pull in all these different functionalities. And of course with that standard mobile app-based operating system it will be able to work with both existing Android cycling apps as well as have the flexibility to work with newly developed software. (Check out Vudu7’s features page for tons of app screenshots detailing its functionality.)

The Vudu 7 uses a touch screen 4″ display, and communicates with both Bluetooth LE & ANT+ to connect with speed, cadence, power, and heart rate sensors. Its forward facing video camera records in 1080p HD and the two front-facing LEDs crank out 1200 lumens of light through the combination of a wide angle & a spot lens.

Fueling all of it is a 8000mAh battery (more than 2x what you’ll find in the best Android smartphones, or 4x an iPhone).

The V will launch a crowdfunding campaign in March to kick it into production, and first 1000 devices will sell for an early backer price of $300, vs. the projected $450 retail cost. There is no need to pay now (until the crowdfunding process starts) but if you send them an email expressing your interest you can lock in one of these first discounted units. Delivery time isn’t finalized as of yet, but Vudu7 talks about a 6 month development schedule with their existing manufacturing partner, which should mean delivery will be expected around November 2017.

We can be a bit skeptical of any device that claims to do everything, but this actually looks like it could offer good potential for a wide range of riders. We’ll keep up to date with the project once it goes live.



  1. I’m impressed that they crammed a 8000mAh battery in that unit with all the other things that it does. My 7800mAh niterider battery looks to be larger than that computer all by itself! I wonder what kind of run times can be expected while using all the features at night with the lights on high?

    • Bike battery will probably be 3-4x the voltage output.

      With those leds and GPS camera and everything on..8000mah 3.7v (guess)..maybe an hour or two.

      Lights alone will sap it dead in maybe 3-4hrs, and GPS sucks so much juice its crazy.

      As it is with that kind of runtime I would not pay $450
      Build a light for maybe $80 (with battery and charger (6800mah 12v is $30-50 panasonic branded.
      Old or cheap android..not much
      Mounts $20
      Speaker and amp ($5-10)

      You see how it appears maybe a little overpriced for what it really is.

      Also the software..reliant on this company or does it run normal android apps?

  2. I like where this is going. What if it was just a thing that interfaced with whatever smart phone you already had? Like you just dock your phone in it or some crap like that technology is dumb whatever

    • Check out COBI. It’s exactly what you’re talking about. integrates lights, bell, navi, turn signals, all powered by your phone running their app, docked to their hardware.

  3. Nice, few issues. Looks are horrible atm, bit of curvature needed. Defo needs an extension battery pack for more than a couple of hours use. Ditch the speakers, 3w is too low a volume, use a single speaker higher output design, preferably 50mm+ for bass response.
    Finally please keep it reasonable in cost and don’t run price to price with the greedy price fixers, cheaper =more sales in a big way.

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