Ever wonder how those beautifully colorful DeFeet socks go from concept to cushioned cover for your footsies? We visited their Hildebran, NC, factory to see how everything’s made. Founder Shane Cooper showed us around, providing background on their materials sourcing and unique construction along with a sneak peek at new styles coming early 2017. If you’re not already following @thebuildcycle yet, hop on it as our Podcast series is about to launch, and Shane’s story of starting and growing this “micro-sockery” is Episode Four!


    • Caveman on

      completely disagree 100%. Their socks fall apart, the cuffs become lose and do not stay up, and I wear holes in the soles within a month. The only line of their socks that have lasted longer than 2 months are their thermeator series, those are great cool weather socks.

      • Earl Gillon on

        Yea, I was looking at one of my favorite Aereators in flo yellow with a “Donate Life” theme. The cuffs are a little stretched out now but I have been wearing them since the Collier Lily ride in 2007. Those socks probably have more miles on them than most people ride in a year. If anyone has problems with Defeet socks there is probably something wrong with their feet.

  1. uraqt on

    If you are holes in any sock that quick, wrong size sock or wrong size shoe. Too much movement creates the holes.

    I think I have woolie boolies that over 10 years old. The cuffs did become loose, but after 9 or 10 years I got my money worth…


  2. Ricky on

    Big fan of Defeet’s socks. I’ve been wearing the same 7 pairs of Woolie Boolies every winter, and the same 7 pairs of Air-E-Ators in every summer for the past 8 years. I’ve never owned socks that were as durable as my DeFeets. I literally have worn and laundered each sock over 1000 times, and they’re still in decent shape. While they aren’t infallible, I can honestly say that they’ve long outlived every other sock that I own.

    So cool to see the manufacturing process. It’s amazing that a cozy sock is born out of that steel spidery looking machine. Great to see the usage of recycled and domestically sourced materials.

    No, DeFeet isn’t paying me to write this. I’m just a big fan.

  3. Hotep on

    With nearly daily use, after rotating seven pairs of Woolie Boolies over about an 8 year period, they are finally staring to look a little shabby.

    Defeet armskins are my go-to arm warmers. They fit nice and feel fantastic. All other brands have made their way to Goodwill.

    Their Hi-Vis gloves are pretty durable and super functional Much better than other knit gloves, I’ve had to toss.

    I’ve had really good luck with all their products. They produce quality and it shows. They’ve got me for life. No question.

  4. Ryan S. on

    For those experiencing stretched cuffs, do you happen to use DEET on any rides? It will essentially melt the elastic. I have ruined many, many nice socks from various companies this way. You don’t have to spray your socks to ruin them, just spraying your legs is enough for your sweat to carry the DEET down to the socks and ruin them. Same goes if you have a plastic watch crystal, careful not to get overspray on it or it will become permanently fogged/hazy. Did your chamois liner waistband stretch because you lost weight?…nope, you got DEET on it.

    I have no choice but to bathe in DEET half the year in my area, so I’m not some DEET-a-phobe…NOTHING can touch the power of DEET. I’m just saying mind your clothes when using it.

  5. shawnonymous on

    Woolie Boolies are the best socks made. I wear them all year long, they keep your feet coold and dry in the summer months and warm in winter.
    Best part is if you do have a pair that falls apart, send them back to the factory for a replacement at no charge. Their service is exceptional and chicks diggem

  6. BeckyTwoWheels on

    Another Woolie Boolie user here. I wear them hiking, cycling, walking around town, you name it… built like a tank and last far longer than socks double their price


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