Look has been making some of the lightest carbon fiber cranks on the market by integrating their arms, spiders and spindle into a single piece. Their frames aren’t too shabby either. Now, they’re taking all that composite know-how and partnering with SRM to offer power meter cranksets that will work with any modern spindle type and use Look’s Tri Lobe pedal insert to convert between 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm crank lengths all on the same arm.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to Eurobike coverage that shows and mentions the THM crank, and we’ve reached out to Look for clarification. Updates as we get more info.

UPDATE 2: Look has confirmed to us that they are indeed making these carbon cranks.

The cranks claim to have the highest stiffness to weight ratio and will be built around the SRM Origin power meter spider. They’ll be ridden by Team Bahrain-Merida and AG2R La Mondiale this season.

The modular nature of the cranks will let it work for road, track and mountain bike by fitting various spindles and chainrings. That said, they’re only showing road double options with asymmetric 110BCD spiders on their site for now. The carbon arms with steel spindle have a claimed weight of 599g. Pricing and availability TBD.



  1. Hmmmm. Looks like the only thing “Look” about it are the tri-lobe inserts. The cranks appear to be SRM-branded THM’s.

  2. Weird. First everyone thinks the new “SRM” crank is a THM collabo because of the past work they have done together and the appearance, but SRM insists it is made in-house. Now they announce that the crank is actually made in partnership with Look.

  3. I have a THM M3 crankset and this looks an M3. The addition of the Look tri-lobe really makes this pretty amazing!! Though, I’d prefer 167.5/170/172.5.

    • 3T said they’re not going to interfere in THM’s projects…. and I just don’t see Look going from the Zed crankset to mimicking every single aspect of the THM M3, down to the pinch bolts (which THM also uses on their new stem). I would never have bought an SRM powermeter due to it being overpriced, but I have to say that this has me excited – it seems to combine the best of everything: can work for any bike (replacing the spindle), the trilobe, use with Dura-ace best-in-class chainrings (though I love my Praxis), and what appears to be a new steel spindle (compared to the THM aluminum spindle) for what could be increased stiffness, and then the THM M3 which tests very well over at Fairwheel. It really doesn’t get any better.

      • SRM isn’t overpriced. Only seems that way. But in fact it’s still what pros actuallu train on, only part that can survive 2-3 seasons under pro tour riders and only then is it swapped because shifting bits sponsor changes a design in base crank.

        cheaper power meters exist, but you get what you pay for.

  4. THM is part of 3T now, so that casts even more doubt on that collaboration. Didn’t think Look actually made anything in France these days, though.

    • Wasn’t that just to use 3T’s distribution network? 3T weren’t going to interfere with THM stuff beyond that. They would probably gain more from having THM engineers close as they don’t have much in house of their own anymore. Lost a ton of staff here in TW.

  5. What holds the tri-lobe in place? The second picture doesn’t show any holes to bolt it into place in either the arm (via set screw) or the backside via a sandwich plate. Just curious.

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