Put some fancy bike parts and a bottle of bourbon under a glass case, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to attract attention at NAHBS. Unfortunately for show goers, both had to stay under the case. That’s because the Bourbon inspired parts from Chris King are part of a show-only run of parts to gauge consumer’s interest.

If you like the finish though, you’re in luck. The matte finish is joining the permanent line up, in two stock colors and one Limited Edition… 

Along with other builders, Cielo had this beautiful bike on display with a full complement of the Bourbon colored parts.

We haven’t had the time yet to find all of the bikes in the show with Bourbon appointments, but this Argonaut caught our eye. Not only does it have the new parts from Chris King, but it also features Speed Release thru axles front and rear.

When it comes to parts that will actually be available to consumers, Chris King is starting off their matte finish options with three colors. Jet and Slate matte will be permanent additions to the line, while the Emerald matte is a Limited Edition. Available for preorder soon, lead time is said to be about 30 days for Jet or Grey and 90 days for the Emerald. To go along with the new colors, Chris King will also begin taking orders on monday for T47 bottom brackets.



  1. Oops. What a freakin tease. Chris King always teases and then takes a year to get stuff out.
    Still waiting for Centerlock Boost Hubs.

  2. I’m curious how that matte will hold up when rubbed (from cables, cleaning clothes) will it polish it self out? My buddy had some ano-matte parts done on his moto-scrambler, and after a few months of use, the rubbed areas were shiny like they got polished!

  3. Honestly, giving credit where it’s due. It’s a great way to sell an old design. I mean, beautiful. I couldn’t imagine not wanting a set of those. I’d even deal with the sound of the rear hub.

  4. Though I’m not a fan-boy of CK stuff, I do like the color. I bet it’ll look really cool as it fades over the years (no sarcasm).

  5. Looks like the color that cheap anno black parts turn after a few years of use. I already have a ton of parts in this color…

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