It’s well known that Eric Barone has a penchant for speed. About this time two years ago, we were writing about how he had just broken his own record in the French Alps with a speed of 223.30 km/h, or 138.75 mph. Apparently, without others to compete with, Eric is perfectly happy pushing the limits to break his own record again and again. The ‘Red Baron’ narrowly beat his own record with an incredible run of 227.720 Km/h or 141.498 mph – though instability at high speed almost made everything go horribly wrong…


      • I agree with beat the trail. It’s such an abstraction of cycling that it doesn’t really represent any particular branch of the sport at all. I’m sure thousands of people could do what he is doing. It’s just a matter of having the balls. And there are a lot of pro and amateur riders with big balls.

  1. Interesting how skiers rather than cyclists are the fastest non-motored land travel.

    But yeah, more than once he almost had a repeat of his volcano skin-shredding yard sale.

  2. Yeah…he’s just “coasting down a hill”

    A little more to it than that.

    I wonder how much more aero there is to be gained on his setup. Looks pretty insane to me though. It does seem a bit weird that a guy sliding down on 2 sticks is faster than wheels that’s a good point.

    • Not so strange. Even if the rider/skier could get into exactly the same position, skis are just more aero than a bike. Significantly less frontal area on their own (never mind the losses from a spinning wheel), and much simpler to integrate the aerodynamics of skis & rider vs bike & rider.

  3. And Markus Stöckli banged out 167.6 kph using a bog standard DH bike on dirt in Chile, so prepped snow and a highly tuned bike make a significant difference. That high speed wobble at the bottom from Barone is cringe worthy. Amazing.

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