RockShox is breathing new life into the Judy name with an all-new fork chassis developed along the lessons learned on their popular Pike forks. The new Judys aims to bring the stiff, yet light performance of the more expensive Pikes so that entry-level bikes can enjoy the fun too. The two Judy forks update to all of the latest standards with Boost spacing and room for most Plus-sized tires. At the same time RockShox has new RL damper updates for their SID, Reba & Recon forks; and more…

Judy Gold RL

Both new Judy forks are available for both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels and either variant will fit tires up to 2.8″ wide. The 29er versions will even work with 27.5″ wheels and tires up to 3″ wide. The Judys look like they will only come in Boost spacing, and also add Torque Cap compatibility for even more stiffness and precision.

The top Judy Gold RL gets 80-120mm of Solo Air travel and Motion Control RL damping for rebound control and remote lock-out compatibility (with a new lower-profile spool for the cable actuated remote). The aluminum stanchions get RockShox’s Fast Black finish and the new printed-on air pressure guides that they’re putting on all of  their components to help riders get the most out of their suspension travel with easy-to-see setup (even with special e-MTB settings). The new XC and trail fork will sell for $380-450/420-500€ when it comes to market in April 2017.

Judy Silver TK

The Judy Silver TK fork gets the same chassis and associated travel and tire clearance, but brings the cost of entry down with the cheaper TurnKey damper. It still gets the easy to set up SoloAir spring, and even lockout compatibility, but goes with the a standard satin nickel finish on the steel uppers. The Judy Silver TK will be only available as an OEM fork, but expect it to start popping up on complete bikes this spring and into the summer.


The new SID RL takes the 100mm gram counting XC platform and adds on a new RL version of its Charger 2 damper. The new fork keeps all of the other SID tech like: the OneLoc cable remote lockout option, Boost or 15 x 100mm Maxle Lite thru-axles, Fast Black alloy uppers, SoloAir spring, printed on setup guides, Rapid Recovery System, and bottomless token tunability. The SID RL will sell for $600-670/665-745€ and be available in May 2017.

Reba RL

The new Reba RL gets the same updates for its XC to trail spread. With a new Motion Control RL damper it will be available in 80-100, 120 & 130-150mm travel iterations, in Boost and 15 x 100mm hub spacing. The Boost 29er fork even will work with 27.5+ tires. Besides the new damper, the fork also gets updates low profile air spring caps that use a standard Shimano cassette lockring tool for a more solid interface. The new Reba RLs will sell for $500-570/555-635€ when they hit the market in April 2017.

Recon RL

Lastly on the new fork front the Recon RL also gets the same Motion Control RL damper in its lower-cost stiff chassis with bombproof steel uppers to handle more aggressive trail abuse. It will come in 80-120mm and 130-150mm travel versions, and both 27.5” and 29” Boosted options. The new Recon RL will retail for $250-320/280-355€, also with April 2017 availability.

Besides the new forks RockShox also will be offering new aftermarket deal kits in 9 different colors so you can customize the look of your fork with your bike. For $18/20€ you can get stealth, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, magenta, gray, or white decals for three different fork chassis types: 30/32mm uppers or the  RS-1; 35mm upper single crown forks; and 35mm dual crown forks. Each kit also includes decals to color coordinate your RockShox rear shocks too. The decals will be available from April, and you can get them either through your local shop order online at

RockShox also has added a bunch of all-mountain shock updates to fit a bunch of this seasons 2017 trail bikes. They’ve got kits to put the Deluxe RT3 on the Giant Anthem & Trek Fuel EX. Kits for the Super Deluxe RCT on the Giant Trance & Yeti SB5, plus the RC3 version for the Trek Remedy and Slash. Then there are Suer Deluxe Coil options in RCT for the Norco Sight & Transition Patrol, plus a RT Remote version for the Commencal Meta V4.2. Check out their website of your local shop for more details if you have one of those bikes, all of which should be out by May 2017.


  1. New Motion Control dampers feel petty darn good outta the box, ie Yari. Curious to see how they handle repetitive hits and chatter relative to the Charger dampers. I imagine they’ll get overwhelmed sooner? For a hardtail or many trail networks this probably won’t be a big deal. Thoughts anyone?

  2. Disappointing, still no proper 29+ forks? Besides the OEM-only ones. How many sub-2.8″ 29er plus tires are there anyway?

  3. A proper Judy to me will always be spring and oil bath, no air. And if we’re dating ourselves, a cantilever brake boss on the fork bridge.

  4. Way to go, Benson. Not a single mention of stanchion diameter for any fork. Eh, consumers probably don’t care about that stuff anyway.

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