Selle Italia has re-thought the saddle for the future with the new SP-01 Superflow. It uses a flexible full carbon frameframe allows each side to move with you, and do so independently from left to right. On top is a Fibra-Tek microfiber cover hiding variable thickness padding that felt surprisingly thick considering the impressively light weight they’re claiming…

This saddle began life as a concept shown in 2015 with no padding (and shown alongside a 59g SLR concept!). For production, claimed weight is just ~120g, and measurements are 131x275mm.

Retail is $399 / €349, available by July 2017.

They’ve also take a few of their more popular saddles and given them a more affordable option. The SLR TM Superflow (right) is now available with a manganese rail for €129 at 205g. The “TM” stands for “tubular manganese” and refers to the rail material and shape. Same option for the Novus, €109 at 215g.

The Nepal mountain bike saddle, which they say is a very good seller, gets TM rails and a Kevlar rear wrap around for €59. Same for the women’s Donna, too, for €49.


  1. someguy on

    Nice! The SP-01 is getting closer to the SLK, which, at least for me, is still the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden on.


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