Rolling in between the existing 30c and 34c sizes, the new WTB Exposure 32c road-and-gravel tire splits the difference not just in size, but also in tread depth and size. Meant as a transition tire to work equally well on road and off, the center section is slick and gradually becomes knobbier as you lean into the turns. Check out the close ups, and a look at a more aggressive version of the recently released Ranger 29er tires, below…

Tread isn’t so tall that it would squirm on harder paved surfaces, but should provide just enough bite for that dirt path you’ve been wanting to explore.

The Exposure series gets markedly more aggressive as they get wider.

WTB Exposure 32 Road TCS tires feature WTB’s Supple Casing and Distance+ Compound and are tubeless ready. Preproduction weights are 315g, but their rep says to expect it to fall between the other two sizes, coming in around 360g. Retail is $79.99, same as the other sizes.

A new Ranger 2.25 TCS Tough version is coming, adds ~150g to the weight of the Light version, so about 900-950g for 29er, and about 850-900 for 27.5. Look for this one in May, which will complete the line alongside the Light and Fast Rolling versions. There are also Plus sized options in the Ranger tread pattern, which we’ve been testing and have found to be surprisingly effective in a wide range of conditions.


  1. Jeb on

    $80.00 for an Asian made clincher when your competitors are putting out excellent tires at half the price ? WTB is slowly pricing themselves into oblivion.

    • Collin S on

      They are following Schwalbe. The retail price on a rocket ron is over $90 and people buy them all the time. I’m with you, I won’t spend more than $50 a tire (and even then I cringe)

      • Dolan Halbrook on

        Schwalbe and Clement. Which sucks, because they make some of my favorite tires, which is why I wait until they’re on sale or I can get them at a discount.

    • Seraph on

      You say “Asian made” like it’s a bad thing. I’ve had the Exposure 34 (35) tires on my cross bike for a while now and they are phenomenal. 80 PSI with a 35mm casing and tubeless is a force with which to be reckoned.

    • lop on

      Other than a few scattered European manufacturers’ mostly high end products, are there any tires which are not Asian made? Why why is “Asian made” tossed around as a pejorative?


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